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410Fortune - 88 Bronco II, sort of













Those are some recent various shots.

Here is what she looked like about 7 years ago when I first got the truck from my older brother for $500. This old truck has been my daily driver since then:


OK here we go:
1988 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer
STOCK: 2.9L V6, Mitsubishi 5 speed, Borg Warner 1350 "touch drive" transfer case, D28 TTB front, 7.5" rear with 3.55 gears, open
Cruise control, A/c, premium sound, aluminum wheels, electric locks and windows

93 4.0L OHV engine

KKM intake, 95 ranger intake tube, 70mm Granatelli MAS, BBK 66mm TB, JBA headers, Custom Y pipe, 2.5" pipe, 2.5" high flow cat, 2.5" FloPro muffler, 2.5" pipe straight out the back, Taylor Spiro 8mm wires, Bosch Platinum +4 plugs, Ford 3 core radiator, 180 Shaw super stat, Mobil 1 10W-30 synth, Motocraft FL-1a filter, cusotm wiring harness for 93 4.0L into 88 BII, Custom power distribution wiring harness, 98 Explorer 130 amp alternator, Optima RED top re-located for cold air intake, cold air feed to KKM, Autometer mechanical oil pressure and water temperature gages

93 A4LD custom built by Brian @ Transwerks
Hayden Motorhome transmission cooler w/ runner lines
Ford auto trans cooler in radiator
Ford 11 blade super cooling fan and clutch
Bronco II 4x4 fan shroud
Custom Aluminum transmission pan
adjustable vacuum modulator
Autometer Phantom trans temp gage
84 BII 2wd Floor shifter and bell crank assembly
93 Explorer kick down cable
AutoFab transmission mount

Borg Warner 1354 electric shift t case
93 Explorer front driveshaft, custom built by Front Range Driveline in CO.
93 Explorer rear driveshaft, custom built by Front Range
rebuilt shift motor

93 Dana 35 TTB with custom 3" cut and turn, 3" additional track width

Custom passenger outer axleshaft
4.10 Spicer ring and pinion
ARB locker
Raebestos ceramic brake pads
Autozone calipers
Moog upper and lower ball joints
Moog 2.5 degree camber shims
Warn manual locking hubs
Spicer U joints
Ford rubber axle pivot bushings

97 Explorer disc brake 31 spline 8.8
4.10 ring and pinion
Factory limited slip, rebuilt
coverted to spring over for BII leaf springs and pinion angle
autozone calipers
Raebestos metallic pads
Ford e brake hardware w/ custom cables/brackets

Front Suspension:

6" Skyjacker TTB coils
James Duff 2" axle pivot drop brackets
3" cut and turned beams
Skyjacker extended radius arms/poly bushings
Skyjacker transmission x member
Rancho 9000 9 way adjustable shocks
Bronco II sway bar with Explorer rear "dog bone" links
Custom sway bar disconnect pins
Superlift 4" rubber brake lines

Rear Suspension
4" Skyjacker leaf springs
New Ford Bronco II shackles
2" Superlift tappered lift block
Custom U bolts, shock mounts, spring pads
Rancho 9012 9 ways
Sway bar disconnects
modified stock brake line

Maaco cheap-o paint job (needs new)
Isle of Capri Dark Blue w/clearcoat
New chrome grill, rock guard
Hella H4 5x7 headlights
PIAA driving lights
Clear front parking lamps
AutoFAB 3" fiberglass fenders
Explorer antennea cover
Tiger 5' whip antennea (CB)

James Duff receiver bumpers front and rear
Gas tank skid plate (BII)
Transfer case skid plate (BII)
TTB skid plate, 8.8 Rock ring (in the works)
Additional skid plating for transmission pan (in the works)
Huskey liner floor mats


Custom 88 BII dash pad and trim
White face gage overlays, stock tach and speedo
260K miles on odometer
90 BII Eddie Bauer Mocha door panels, interior trim, kick panels, side panels back seat (cloth), floor mats, steering column, and headliner
97 Eddie Bauer mocha leather power buckets
98 Eddie Bauer sun visors and sun shades w/ vanity mirrors
Custom mocha center console
Dash switches: PIAA, KC roof lights, ARB compressor, ARB front locker,
Radio Shack CB radio
Garmin Ique 3600 GPS palm

Stereo and Alarm
Kenwood Excelon X91 in dash MD
Kenwood Excelon Music Keg (10 GB)
Alpine V-12 680W amp
MTX 8000 12" 2 ohm DVC sub
1 cu ft sealed enclosure
rear: 6.5" Soundstream SPL mid and 1.5" tweeters
front doors: 6" Rockford Series II mids and 1" tweeters
front dash: Soundstream 4" mids and 1.5" tweeters
Ungo alarm

33" x 12.50" Remington Mud Brute tires
15" x 7.5" Superior Startech chrome wheels
ARB on board air setup for inflating tires
Spare tire mounted where back seat goes (back seat only used when needed)
Stock tire carrier mounted for 33" spare
Superlift Superrunner Steering system
Superlift 2" drop pitman arm
Yakima Roof Rack (not installed, only when needed)
5x7 KC lights for front bumper (not installed, only when needed)
95 Explorer disc brake master cylinder (with new hard lines to rear axle)
93 Explorer brake booster
Custom hot water bypass on heater core (winter/summer)
Warn receiver shackle
8" drop down hitch
Husky cargo liner (custom fit)
Explorer cargo area tie downs

Replaced: (hahaha, besides listed above)
water pump
motor mounts
power steering box and pump
tensioner pulley
idler pulley
02 sensors
TPS, IAC, IAT, NSS, BOO, and various other sensors
fuel lines
water canister (fuel system)
vacuum lines and system
blower motor
wiper motor
heater core
fuel pump(s)
All lights, switches, signals, bulbs and wires

Still original:
Most of the body besides paint
side mirrors
carpet (not for long)
bottom of dash
windshield trim
steering wheel

Bear Creek Colorado (all over), Top of the World (CO),
Vail, Winter Park, Guenella, Slaughterhouse Gultch, Rampart Range, Colorado Springs, Red Cone Pass, Grand Junction, and just anbout every other part of Colorado I can think of

Moab: Golden Spike, Top of the World, Metal Masher, Gemeni Bridges, (4 times now, various trails, didnt know all the names)
Los Coyotes Indian Reservation
Truckhaven (Salton Sea, CA)
Big Bear (Holcom Creek, John Bull)

Future:click here

roll protection
A/C (going back in)
soft windows
custom two piece taligate
D44 outers
ARB rear locker
New 4.0L OHV with power adders
Beefy tire carrier
window tint
custom center console
coilovers, rod end radius arms, shackle reversal and custom leafs

Here's what she might look like if I chopped the top (dont think I havent thought about it, but I wont)

Here she is pulling her boat, half the reason shes built the way she is, for towing. 2001 Bayliner 195 Capri LX 4.3L Merc, I/O

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Okay 5.0L conversion in progress

So ditch the new 4.0L rebuild I was planning.......

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how do you like the remington mud brutes? Im considering them for a spring/summer tire as I like MT's but I like running A/T's better during the winter time (we get snow)

I loved the Remington Mud Brutes, they were a great MT tire
Nice wide spacing between lugs and they wore pretty good too! I still have them, I use them for emissions testing because 35's are too large for the emissions testing dyno here in CO

The remingtons were my new tires like 8-10 years ago, but I always thought for the $$$$ they were great tires!

Holy crap, 5.0L conversion in progress, that was 4 years ago now!!

Cool thats all I needed to know. Ive been doing some research on them and they say they're very close to the dunlop mud rover and perform just as well as a bfg mud tire. The thing that has me sold on them is that they're only 150.00 a piece for a 33" and they look mean.


I had a set of Dunlop Radial Mud Rover Rt or whatever the hell they are,it was a cross between AT and MT, I paid $180+ a tire for those, waited like 3 weeks to get them, then they lasted the RIDE HOME

one of them had a sidewall issue, looked like a waterballoon sticking out the side of my tire.
Dunlop claimed I hit something on the road, an iimpact fracture and refused to warranty my 10 miles onit 33" $180 tire... it gets better
Not only did they refuse to waranty it, they couldnt get me a replacement tire for 8+ months! (on backorder back then, brand new tire)

Luckily I had gotten the Dunlops through my buddy who had a tire store, he took them back and sold me the Remingtons' instead...

Dunlop/Goodyear customer service SUCKS IMO
I had a HORRIBLE experience with those crappy tires, I didnt hit anything and even if I did hit a curb, every other OFF ROAD tire I have ever had can TAKE IT
the Dunlops = TIRE JOKE

Yes a bit bitter here, cost me a bunch of $$$ for nothing, was without a truck for almost two weeks (waiting on warranty claim, replacement info)
Screw Dunlop! LOL