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5R55E blew...keep Central VB valve body?


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March 4, 2008
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My 5R55E finally blew...coming home tonight, experienced a HARD, slamming shift, then the OD light started to blink. 1st and second shifts bang, then when coming to a stop tranny goes THUMP. I got home, but I'm sure tranny is toast.

Question: I have a 5 month old Central Valve Bodies rebuild. When I have the transmission rebuilt, do I tell them to keep this VB? Will they not give me a warranty using someone else's part? Will they know if this VB is still good?

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Contact Central Valve Bodies, and tell Donny about this problem. He might either tell you to check to see if you blew a valve body gasket or he might say that you should mail him the valve body for testing. How long is their warranty?

I'm not sure of Donny's warranty, but I understand that this trans shop (highly reputable) gives a 2yr, 24,000 mile warranty. They also require an external tranny filter as well as multiple check-up/fluid changes after the rebuild to honor their warranty. Seems like a good thing, huh?

I'm going to have them change my rear main seal while the tranny is out...kill two birds with one stone, right?

Brooklyn...Thanks...I was wondering if there was anything to tell them to make sure to replace that typically isn't. Is this a common wear or failure area? What happens when this fails?

I spoke to the shop today and as I remember he said I have no 2nd or 5th gear? He's pretty confident I have a broken band.

I was quoted $1,966.00 That's with 10% off plus covering the $125.00 tow from my house. That's also with every possible replacement part available.

The OEM spacer from Ford is made out of powdered iron, and is known to fail since it's brittle. It could cause the flexplate to crack, the pump gears to get messed up, and the front seal to leak if it explodes. The Sonnax version is made out of hardened billet steel.