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93 X: my registry

well im new here, but not. been a member for a little while, just a big time lurker. haha. figured its time to show off my exploder and introduce my self.

ok so lil background info. my name is ryeder, and im 16. we have had our explorer since new. originally i got a 95 vw golf as my first car, but a friend got me to go with him to hollister in his b2 and my explorer. that first day of 4x4 changed my life. basically i only drive the X, and the golf sometimes. im into 4x4, and alot of outdoor stuff, like camping and fishing. so far i have gone to the local 4x4 place about 10 or 11 times, and ive only been driving the explorer for 3 months. you could say im hooked. haha.

ok so info on my Xplorer. its an all stock 93 limited. first mod was pulling those running boards and slappin some off road lights on. i drove it like that for id say 2-3 weeks... then off came the front bumper, and made a ranger smitty built tube bumper fit it. then upgraded the radio, pulled the muffler and put in a smaller one from Pick-n-Pull, and just this week put a cb and a 102' whip on it. let me know what you think.

ive wheeled the crap out of it, and it just wants more!
and im not either of those kids. haha









future plans:
-5.5 ttb ranger lift,
-rectangle tube bumper for front
-soa+ spacers or none to equal 5.5"
-safari rack

a lil somethin i drew in psychology, instead of paying attention:rolleyes:

well i had to get the explorer driving again, and fast so i put my 1/2ton 44 in.
i used balistic fab radius arm and coil brackets, fabed up my radius arms with dom tubing for the uppers, and my old lowers. track bar is 1.5x .25 dom, and same tubing for my drag link. i used the stock tierod for now, but plan todo dom for tierod also.






im currently going to school in stockton for caterpillar. every two months im broke as ####, and cant work on the expo. well besides baby steps. the good news is next week is finals week, SO im going to be wrenching on it again... finally.

talked with a few people, i was having an issue with the front end not wanting to flex as much with the radius arm set up as with the okie 3 link. he mentioned my track bar was too short and that could be the issue. first thing i decided todo was fix that.

came up with this bracket. will be getting some additional bracing next time i work on it. pics are from before cleaning and painting.


flexed it out, it didnt get much better.. i think its my balistic joints getting maxed out, plan is to replace them with 1 1/4 hiems... maybe that will fix the issue.


]flexed out with the old 3 link

any thoughts??

also finally did some beefie rock sliders. theyre made from 4x2 .250 wall tubing, and the frame mounts are made of 2x3 .250 wall.


im going to be doing some more work on the body/ interior in the next few weeks. plan is to gut the entire trunk, pinch the rear so the rear taillights are right above the frame. ill get pics as it happens. should look good.

at some point im going to have to start wrapping some tube through it. plan is todo mostly interior cage except bring the cage through the roof, and do a exo-style halo above the cab. then the back will be more "truggy style"