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My Elite Registry

So After being a member for a few months I decided to fork over the 20 bucks and go elite. Well first off my name is Corbin Jordan and im from Grandville MI.

I guess ill start from the beginning. I have always had a thing for explorers ever since i drove my dads 1991 EB. after the tranny went out on it, i came across a great deal. a 1995 sport for 300 bucks. it was in a rear end collision, and the owners didnt want there daughter to drive it because the frame was bent a little. So my dad purchased it for me. we put a rebuilt tranny in it and pulled the bumper out with a chain and a I didnt really do any mods to it because money was tight at the time. I took it off roading alot and gave it hell, hydrolocked the motor once and rolled it on its side once. After all i put it through it still ran like a champ. The only pictures i have of it are my whoops pics so here is my old ex on its side.



We managed to pull it back over with a wrangler and we kept on going. Amazingly nothing was broken. the passenger mirror stuck right into the mud.

Well, i finally got a decent paying job and decided to upgrade. I searched all over and found a 2002 XLT V8 with 79,000 for 8,500. Total cost was 12,200, and that included a 2 year factory warranty. heres a pic of it from when i first got it.


it came with leather seats, power moon roof, towing package, rear cargo protector, fog lights, and tinted front windows

After a few months i decided to start upgrading i bought a new Kenwood HU and i already had a sony xplod 1000w amp that i got for christmas. I then went out a purchased a cheap set of subs. Duals from best buy. (I know not the best subs in the world) here are some pics after the install.


i hid the amp under the rear seat


I have always liked the look of the bug deflectors so i got one.

some more pics of my ex now.

the light cover was also on there when i bought it

So not much done to it yet. But coming soon is gonna be a few things, a CAI, and some bigger tires, some new front coil springs to raise the front 2 inches, and a new exhaust. I bought a new flowmaster 40 off ebay and that should be going on soon. I want to run duals since its a single in dual out.


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Well my motor went out on my truck on my way to work one day. So I had to get another motor for it. What i ended up with was a motor out of a 2002 police car, which just happened to have a few things done to it. Paid 900 for the motor from the junkyard and had it installed by my mechanic buddy only to find out my tranny was going completely. Well that means rebuild time. I had it rebuilt with high end parts for the low price of 2000. It was well worth it tho, I could tell the power difference. It ran really good until i heard a clunking noise from the rear end, at first it only did it when i was turning, but it got worse. So that means its back in the shop once again. Anybody know where I can find a rear end for my truck cheap? 3.73 LS? O I almost forgot, I finally removed those side steps. So if anybody wants them let me know.