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My Elite Registry

So After being a member for a few months I decided to fork over the 20 bucks and go elite. Well first off my name is Corbin Jordan and im from Grandville MI.

I guess ill start from the beginning. I have always had a thing for explorers ever since i drove my dads 1991 EB. after the tranny went out on it, i came across a great deal. a 1995 sport for 300 bucks. it was in a rear end collision, and the owners didnt want there daughter to drive it because the frame was bent a little. So my dad purchased it for me. we put a rebuilt tranny in it and pulled the bumper out with a chain and a I didnt really do any mods to it because money was tight at the time. I took it off roading alot and gave it hell, hydrolocked the motor once and rolled it on its side once. After all i put it through it still ran like a champ. The only pictures i have of it are my whoops pics so here is my old ex on its side.



We managed to pull it back over with a wrangler and we kept on going. Amazingly nothing was broken. the passenger mirror stuck right into the mud.

Well, i finally got a decent paying job and decided to upgrade. I searched all over and found a 2002 XLT V8 with 79,000 for 8,500. Total cost was 12,200, and that included a 2 year factory warranty. heres a pic of it from when i first got it.


it came with leather seats, power moon roof, towing package, rear cargo protector, fog lights, and tinted front windows

After a few months i decided to start upgrading i bought a new Kenwood HU and i already had a sony xplod 1000w amp that i got for christmas. I then went out a purchased a cheap set of subs. Duals from best buy. (I know not the best subs in the world) here are some pics after the install.


i hid the amp under the rear seat


I have always liked the look of the bug deflectors so i got one.

some more pics of my ex now.

the light cover was also on there when i bought it

So not much done to it yet. But coming soon is gonna be a few things, a CAI, and some bigger tires, some new front coil springs to raise the front 2 inches, and a new exhaust. I bought a new flowmaster 40 off ebay and that should be going on soon. I want to run duals since its a single in dual out.


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Join the Elite Explorers for $20 each year.
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Just purchased a set of reverse glow guages from ebay. will post pics when i get them and install them.

Looking forward to the pictures. I didn't think they had glo gauges for 3rd gen yet:scratch:

well worked on the x tonite, its a PITA to change the dang belt but i finally got it on also I finally did the brown wire mod to my ex and im liking it alot. i hate how the 4wd would kick in when i would take of a little fast from the lights. i dont have pics cause its not completly done yet, i need to find a place to mount the switch. i did the same exact thing as described here BWM
the only difference is i dont wanna cut a hole in my dash like he did, so i think im gonna make a bracket up or something. if anyone has any ideas of where to mount the switch, let me know

UPDATE: just went to the local muffler man and had got a quote on the cost of installing my flowmaster with dual exhaust...needless to say 139 isnt bad so at 2pm ill be getting my new exhaust put on. ill have pics and maybe even a sound clip if i can find a way to get a video clip...

well things didnt go as planned today, do they ever?? the guy said he wasnt able to put dual exhaust on b/c there is no way to route the pipe on the passenger side. so that idea went donw the crapper. but he did say if i find someone that has done it, to get a picture of how they did it and bring it to him, and he will do mine for if anyone with a 3rd gen has dual exhaust could you take a picture of how the pipe on the passenger side is routed for me.

andywho since that went out the window he said he had a performance muffler that is an off brand but the very very close to a flowmaster, as he put it, it doesnt say flowmaster. i was skeptical but after looking at his muffler it looked almost the same, even inside it (they had a cut-away of it) well since i was so patient with him, he installed it at his cost and removed the rear cat for nothing, only paid 72 dollars and i really like the way it sounds.

here is some videos of it, sorry for the crappy videos, all i have to take videos with is my cell phone. and our video camera has no computer cord.

starting up

revving it a bit

again sorry for the crappy vids, ill try and find some way to get a better video.

For the muffler issue, try a fabricator. Your muffler guy, is that a specialty shop? or a chain shop?

its a small locally owned shop. he was telling me that, the only way to run it would be next to the fuel fill hose, but that would melt and cause big problems...

Well I'm with him then! You don't wanna be a fireball... however, you could always have a faux tail pipe attached. It would only be for appearance. A fabricator could that... it'd be a waste of cash unless it's just for appearance.

flyingguitar did u wanted to get dual exhaust on ur x or what. I must of been lucky cause I got dual exhaust on my sport and i still got the spare exhaust.

Yours sounds nice with the cat removed as well. I still got my stock 4 cats on my explorer but i wanna remove like 2 of them.

you have different vehicles... is the set up the same?

I got pics of my dual 40 series flowmasters on my cardomain if u wanna check them out donner. I dunno if flyinguitar has the same setup.

I think he got single exhaust instead of dual on his.

well, i mean like the fuel fill hose? not in same location? I've never really looked under there... i'll check out your domain, thanks!

yea i had to get single exhaust, but im hopin someone out there got duals on there 3rd gen so i can see how they did it. but for now im happy with the sound

nice! are the fog light lenses aftermarket? a few people have been looking for those...

nice! are the fog light lenses aftermarket? a few people have been looking for those...

i dont think they are. they were on when i bought it and the dealer said that the guy who owned it before me had ford install them for him.

heres an update
i bought a set of gauges off of taporsnap44 on this site. they include a oil/water temp, volt, and oil pressure gauge. I plan on installing them when i gets a little warmer out. also those reverse glow gauges i bought were not actual reverse glow gauges. they were an overlay. that kinda sucks. but im actually thinking about putting them in just to see how they look. but we will see.

Well, heres a little update, Im pretty sure my rear end is effed up. I was driving the other day, and the rear end started scraping and making wierd noises, then it kept getting worse. Noise didn't change when I applied the brakes. Got so bad I could only drive 25. Ill find out more when I get it to the dealership today.

But for now, I'm driving a 1993 Ford Ranger with a 4 banger in it. Weeeee!

hey, this isnt a dicussion forum. comeon...

on another note looks like i blew my left rear wheel bearing. but its fixed now.

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Its been a while

Well I havent posted much but heres a quick update:

My tranny started slipping going into second gear so i pulled the code which was a PO732. so basically bad solenoid or broken band. I havent had the money to get it fixed so i have been babying it. i bought some blacked out turn signals also. in december i checked my oil, it started looking bad so i thought when the snow cleared up i would change it. since i do it all myself i didnt want snow on the ground. got to the end of february and i decided i was gonna change it soon. well on my way to work one morning my truck just died. so i got pulled into a parking lot and noticed my motor didnt have any oil in it. so in 2 months i went through all my oil. needless to say i wasnt too happy but i guess it can be my fault to. anyway, i found a junkyard motor for 900. had my mechanic look at it and he said it was good. so for the past 2 weeks we have been swapping the motor. its taking this long b/c we both have other jobs and he has a family. motor should be done very shortly tho. also i noticed that both of my rear springs are busted. so this only means some new springs. Im thinking maybe 2 inches of lift all around. :)