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'95 4x4 XLT Control Trac Explorer Transfer Case Problem


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July 25, 2008
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Oxford, Michigan
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'95 4WD XLT
I was just driving my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT 4wd When all of a sudden I let off the gas while going down a hill and it started making this strange, annoying and loud grinding squeal. When I push the accelerator it goes away. I've been having problems with my Overdrive lately too. The O/D off Light blinks sometimes when I am driving with Overdrive turned on. So I just started unplugging my battery (Restarting the Computer) and turning the OD off before I drive anywhere.

When I put it in reverse it just sits there and makes the most horrible Grinding Squeal I have ever heard and won't move at all. When I put it in park from reverse it just grinds into park. This problem only occurs when I am NOT in 4 wheel drive. When I have my 4 low on it runs fine. It goes in reverse, drive, everything and no grinding squeal at all.

Does anyone have any Idea what this could possibly be..?

A few people have told me it was my Transfer Case.

Does anyone know if a 1993 1354 Transfer Case (Taken off of a '93 4x4 Explorer) will fit on a 95 4x4 XLT explorer with a 1354 Transfer Case?

First, yes, I would agree you have the dreaded shift fork issue. Search and ye shall find a plethora of info on the matter. Basically, the shift rail bore is no longer able to hold the shift rail in place, which lets the low range gear set slide out of position when reverse-loaded (i.e. in reverse or when coasting). The only fix is repair/replacement of the t-case.

Second, yes, a 13-54 will *fit* but it will not be a simple plug-n-play. Many people on this site have done the swap, so it's not insurmountable.

Good luck!

Thanks a million. Yeah I just went out and bought a new 4405 transfer case for it. I didn't think the 1354 would work, plus it did indeed have a different plug. Mine has a square plug and the 1354 and the other majority of them that I was looking at all had round plugs. But I found the one I was looking for. Thanks.

Happy to help! Let us know when it's back up and running!