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--!!95 Ford Ranger 3.0 Engine swap help!!!--


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September 15, 2009
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Oxford county Maine
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95 Ranger 3.0
hey i got a 95 ford ranger. The 3.0 V6 4x4. the 3.0 that was in it started knockin and the engine seized. i got a 3.0 v6 motor out of a 95 windstar and had to swap over everything including:
motor mounts
water pump
powersteering assembly
However now i have everything on it. and i cannot get the motor to line up with the transmission. The bolts line up however the engine stays about a half inch away from the trans and wont go into the right position.
SO basically to sum this whole thing up. are the two 3.0 engine blocks different? and if so how? i was told that sometimes since it was a front wheel drive the crank may be different but i am unsure on it and before i go yelling at any junkyard i'd like a few other opinions.
THanks for anybodys time that reads this and all help and opinion is apprieciated!:rangergreen: