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'97 trans trouble

explorer savage

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July 26, 2014
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louisville ky
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2005 explorer
Ive got a 97 explorer and took out the old trans and got one from a junkyard and in the bellhouse there are 2 shafts that lock into the torque converter on the one i took out the smaller center shaft goes into the outer shaft just past where the splines start on the one i got from the junkyard the center shaft sticks out past the splines about 3/4" and the torque converter doesnt lock in as far into the bellhousing is this because its a different model trans or is it because the flywheel and spacer on the other trans was different i didnt see what the trans came out of also is the center shaft supposed to be able to be pulled out

Welcome to the forum. I moved your thread into our transmission forum where it should get the proper attention.

Make sure you put center shaft in correctly, it's slightly different on each end. Then make sure the converter seats to a depth of 7/16".

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As i said i got the trans from a junkyard and they took it out since my question i took it back to the yard i got it from and they put a vise grips on it and beat it out i couldnt move it and still havent brought the original trans in for my core anyway after they got it out they went n got one from a different one to put in it and that one also wouldnt go in even after beating on it with a bfh with a piece of wood on the end so THEY wouldnt hurt the splines all the beating was done by people at the yard after all that they said they have a nephew with a trans shop and its there today to see what the problem is when i had it at my house we looked at the original trans and the original center bar did come out and the short spline end was inside but when we got the yard trans when they loaded it in the truck the torque converter wasnt in the trans this was the third trans from the yard just hope they get it done today so i can pick it up ive put in 12 other trans and never had this much trouble ever before ill follow up with the next result thanx for your help talk later