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98 4.0L OHV replacement


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May 6, 2013
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corsicana, texas
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1998 ford explorer sport
I have just purchased a 98 Sport with the 4.0 OHV. The truck is in good shape but has 188k on the original engine. I am thinking about doing a swap to a 98 4.0L SOHC or a 98 5.0L. It is my understanding that both the 4.0L SOHC and the 5.0L both put out 205 /210 hp vs the 160 from the OHV.

Looking for input / opinions on the differences in each swap. Is switching the V6 OHV to the V6 SOHC easier than swapping to the V8? I undertand the timing chain problems.

Thanks for the help

Dave 1955

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March 12, 2013
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2001 Explorer
Don't be the guy that latter says...dang,I could have had a v-8!
Trust me..there is no replacement for displacement.
The torque of the 5.0 is addicting!
But good luck with whatever you do...either way will be a chore.


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January 22, 2007
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selkirk, manitoba
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98 supercharged 347 sport
5L swap is pretty involved. you not only have to change the motor, but trans, transfer case, and drive shafts. thats just the mechanical part. if you did a sohc, you would have to change the motor, some electronics, and exhaust (same as the 5L as well).
choice is yours however. the 5L swap is becoming more popular with the sports now that 5L donor trucks are more easier to come by for you boys in the u.s.