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added nerf bars and tonneau cover


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March 20, 2012
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'03 Sport Trac XLT (RWD)
Howdy ya'll, Dad came over with his new(to him) 07 Sport trac with a few goodies in the back for me to install. Nerf bars from ebay - $89+50 shipping=2 hrs install including 1 trip to hardware store for larger rings for the bolts. $900 BakFlip cover=5min install. Definitly add 'some class'(he's 70) he was looking for.
Nice little father/son project. It's probably been 30yrs since we did something like this together(except fishing and golfing. We do that stuff all year round) Nice that we both have ST's now! Anywho, here is a few pics. Sorry I didnt even think to do a write up on the bars:(
Oh, counted 6 sport tracs in my 1 stop light(yes 1) town today just going 3 miles up the road. From now on i'm waving to all of them:) we do that anyway in Texas for everyone but now a thumbs up to all ST owners. Even gave my dad a "keep on Trac'in" as he pulled away..ALSO, everytime my daughter sees one she hits me in the arm and yells SPORT TRAC just like the VW bug game...boy this post turned sappy


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Good stuff, Mark. Always fun to get out there and work on the truck with a good friend or family member.

At first I thought you were going to say there was 6 ST's at one stop light. lol- that would be a sight!

Looks like a 2nd gen ST... from the 2nd pic..

i think it is. look at the brake light and the hooks.

Luke, check out videos of the National Sport Trac meets on youtube.

Haha...just noticed I got my dads head in the 2nd pic...he's doing the old fishing line trick on the original dealer badge:)

Looks real good! I dont see too many sport tracs around me. The only really modded sport trac I have seen in these parts was the Nitrous Pumpkin sport trac(google it(nothing really crazy thought)). I did see one though on the highway coming the other way with what seemed to look like Rebels old sport bars from his truck.

Sorry folks. Just realized I should have posted this in the 2007-2010 Sport Trac forum. Since the pics are of an 07. I dont know how to move it.

Brooklyn bay can move stuff, not sure what other mods can.

And I saw the Red Bull trac here on campus yesterday! they were handing out free red bull to people for the Humans vs Zombies Nerf war hahahaha