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Aftermarket Pin Stripes

So I want to rid my Explorer of the pink and light blue pin stripes it has... I'm pretty sure a chick bought it originally judging by the pin stripes and the name in the owners manual...

SO... I was thinking like flames or something in either silver, black, red, or blue... the Explorer is dark green... My rims are black, and they have a red and blue stripe on them...

What do you guys think of this idea? I've been told by someone that design pinstripe is tacky and looks like little kid stuff... I think it'd be sweet...


IMHO, I looked at your X. If it were me, I wouldn't worry about the pinstripes, I would worry about those rims you have. Needs something of a lighter color like chrome or silver. It would bring your truck right out and make it look 110% better, but this is just My Humblest Opinion. Also if the pinstripes bother you that much, remove them period and whatever you do, do not put those pinstripes that you are looking at, on that X. To me it would make it look totally ghetto, again this is just my opinion since you asked. BTW, nice shine. ;-)

Mr. T is gonna be pissed you stole the wheels off the A-Team van!

I like the Flame pinstriping the best of those three.