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Solved Another 2nd gen snorkel

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January 18, 2004
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Its more of a raised intake.... i've had the tube and the snorkel for a longgggg time. finally got cylinders and then i FINALLLYYYYY got them filled. the tube is 16ga. 304 SS.

fudged the fender a bit to fit the tube...

tube set in place with zip ties...

air box all sealed up with rtv...


Body guys look away....

From a distance...

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Looks good, though seems a bit low, but I could be wrong

it is low, its more of a raised intake. it is exactly where i want it though. i dont want to use it, it is just there in case i need it. there is alot of other stuff to worry about when it comes to deep water, i just want the engine to have some protection if i sink the front end on accident.

do you happen to have any more pictures from the passenger side.. just to show how it looks from that angle better?
I am getting ready to do a snorkle and like what you did but just want to make sure i really like it like that!


If you notice the body seam between the hood and the fender, you can see i chose the wrong location for the tube. I should have put the tube lower. like right on top of the plastic inner fender basically. I will try and snap some more pictures tomorow at work if i remember. I park it there since i live in a village with ordinance Nazis.

When I did mine I actually did two separate pipes and did a little cutting to get mine to fit. The Body on the Explorers is annoying. By the way, NICE.

Sorry about the late reply. I actually took the pictures the next day, but forgot to post them that night.


As you can tell the sheet metal is all sorts of ****ed up on my truck. That is due more to the fact that i like to squeeze my truck down trails that end up being for ATV's, more so than installing the snorkel. All the snorkel install did was mess up the body seam betweeen the fender and the hood.

thanks.. i like the short install like that!
I think i may do something similar! I am using pvc and some rv piping though and not some cool pipe like you!

I plan on doing something similar, so that all I need is a short extension piece to get the snorkel to roof height, otherwise it will ride down low like you have it =]

The point of a snorkel isn't just water, it's dust too. That's a tad low especially if your following through the trails. I'd extend it up higher a long the a post.

The point of a snorkel isn't just water, it's dust too. That's a tad low especially if your following through the trails. I'd extend it up higher a long the a post.

I never noticed a difference in dirt accumulation on the air filter on military humvee's with the snorkel either up by the roof or down low on the hood.

I doubt you would but if the hard part is done, I'd finish it off correctly to avoid any issues down the road.

did your air box have two rubber bushings holding it to the wall of the innner fender? They should have been right where you cut the hole? Did you have to modify your filter to get it in the box? Your pipe seems to be mounted a bit high. I could be wrond though. I know you said 16g but do you know the inner diameter of the pipe? I'm worried about getting enough air flow through my intake. Im doing mine too obviously. Its gonna be just like yours reall low i think that looks sick!

Any update on how its held up and have you been happy to have it? (any incidents)

Any prospects on functionabilty? I picked up my stick of 3" exhaust pipe and doing it this week. I'm thinking of going your height instead of to the roof. Also I have the Donaldson head they were supposed to send me the ram air. Just want to make sure low wont hurt with splashes or downpours