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Awesome snorkel build.


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January 31, 2013
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Amarillo, Texas
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1997 Frankeneer
Wanted to share my snorkel build.

3' Exhaust tubing and elbow,$22 dollar e-bay snorkel head and $25 bucks worth of PVC.
I have like $90 bucks in this build.

Threaded and sealed PVC in to the stock sealed air box.
Caped the factory intake on the box with a rubber PVC pressure cap 2.5'

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Clean snorkel. 5.0L is icing on da cake

Nice on 4.0 air box too it's perfect for snorkel hook up

Forgot the "A'' pillar mount photo.


Good lookin'!
What's the textured looking section, that's a nice touch.
How about a closeup pic of that little bracket that holds the tube to the A pillar?

At first it looked weird but I really like it! Nice job!

x2 on the pic holding it to the A pillar, do you have a link for the snorkel head?

very nice work, one of the cleanest ive seen

Thanks guys,I didnt want a hack job.
All tig welded.
Drove it thru 4 feet of water with only an alternator as a casualty when Got home.

I'll snap a few pics of the mount tomorrow.
I used carbon fiber vinyl sheeting as a brush guard to keep from beating off the paint.

Thats a spectra brand cold air intake hose from the PVC to the tubing 2.5 to 3.00' From Orielly's
$6 bucks.

If you have a few spare minutes someday....

Could you post a close up pic of the PVC to Air filter housing connection? Maybe give a brief description & specs of how it is attached?

Much appreciated!