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Black billett upper and lower, or black speed grille, sport 2002


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December 30, 2007
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04 explorer
hey guys trying to decide on which grille i should get, the street scenes upper and lower, and get them powdercoated black, of it i should buy an upper and lower billet grille and get it powdercoated black?

i kinda like how the speed grille seems like it is made to fit, versus the billett grilles ive seen for sport/sport tracs just kinda mount behind your grille, i could be wrong alot of people selling them show photoshopped pictures so thats no help..

so what do you guys think?

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i ordered a billet grille of of ebay for mine, replaces the stock grille entirely.

i had to come up with a new way of mounting, but it was only 3 bolts and 3 holes drilled. super easy. completely changed the front of the explorer i think.

so i'd say go with the billet grille, dont' like it, paint/powdercoat it

good luck

i think billett grilles on the sport sport tracs go behind the grill and to me it looks kind of tacky, if anyone has pictures of theirs closeups preffered feel free to post or link them

im also thinking just a stainless mesh painted black
that might not look too bad actually

I would go with the street scene grill if I were you.

Here is the one I'm not happy with.


that is exactly what i was looking for (the picture) and exactly what i was afraid of! for some reason the way that it goes behind your grille just makes it seem so ghetto to me...

does any one have a closeup of their street scenes?? Im also thinking of making a black mesh grille and riding that out, any ideas on how i would mount the mesh insert?

Yep - The lines don't match the truck and the curve on the grill doesn't match exactly either. Also, if one of the bars is off just by a little you can see it stick out. You can see this bad on the lower grill.

yea that sucks deffinately think i should buy universal mesh and make it work i like the mesh that guy has on that ranger ive been responding on i cant find it tho!