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Brake rub after changing pads on 98 Explorer


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September 16, 2011
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1998 Explorer, 5.0
I read through tons of threads but couldn't seem to find an answer for this.

I just replaced all the brake pads on my 1998 Explorer. Now, the brake pads on the right front seem to be rubbing a bit when driving straight and producing a vibration when turning right. However, there's no vibration when braking.

After a test drive, the rotor was very hot and the outside brake pad already had a little wear on the front corner. I noticed that one of the caliper slide pins was stuck, so I freed it up and lubed it up but still have the issue.

I didn't have any rubbing or vibration before changing the pads but I noticed that the old ones on that wheel had significant wear on the front of one pad and the rear of its counterpart. It could be due to the stuck caliper slide pin or perhaps the caliper being out of whack and skewed diagonally. That may explain why there would be a rub with more brake pad there now.

I plan to replace the brake caliper, and if that fails, the rotor. But if anyone has a better idea of what's going on and how to fix it, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

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remove the caliper from the bracket and check the pads, piston and pins for anything strange. also check to make sure the caliper bracket bolts are tight. sounds like something is worn, loose or even broken.

You really should replace the rotors or at least resurface them and do a proper pad bedding in procedure. The irregular ware is probably caused by the guide pins. You should remove all of them, clean and relube with a pad replacement. I also like to exercise the caliper a few times by pumping the piston out (careful not to pop it out) and retracing it.

Brake fluid is Hydroscopic by nature and really should be changed at every brake service.

Those slide pins cause lots of trouble like that. Take everything apart and clean it all well. Re-lube the slide pins with some good silicon grease. Check and clean all the brake hardware. Make sure the pads aren't hanging up where the tabs rub on the caliper. Some aftermarket pads don't fit quite right and need a little tweaking to not get stuck.

Or you could forget all that and throw on some good loaded calipers if they are really old and crusty.