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BroncoII cage


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August 15, 2009
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86 BII
building a cage for my BII, i'm posting it on my build thread bt I thought I would also post it here. Using 1.75x.120" DOM, with a few pieces being 1.5", like the seatbelt bar and some of the gussets. This is what I've got so far, I bent up my b pillar with 2 8 deg bends about 17" up from my slider, and then the main bends are 82 deg to make a full 90, then I notched a peice of 1.5 for the seatbelt bar so that it is 2" below my shoulder when I am in the seat.

the next 2 pieces are the down bars, not sure on the exact angle of the 2 bends but they are 5 deg off of each other so that they kick in where they weld to the floor, here are the pics I have, I will post pics as I go.

btw this isn't me but my buddy, he just doesn't know how to use a camera so it looks like he is doing all the work haha,







he was supposed to work on it a bit today(our shop is at his house) so hopefully he takes pics of his progress, let me know what you all think

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I got the spreader bar in the back and i'm starting on all the gussets, also spent a night putting multiple bends into the halo bar for the front, i'm actually going to cut into the roof and recess this in so that it lines up with the b pillar and the back down tubes, then the supports are going to go down the A pillar and go inside the fenders to connect to my slider. here is a pic of the halo bar in the bender,

here is the cage thus far, the plans have changed for the front halo bar, its gonna be cool, but the back part of the cage is pretty much done.

thanks guys, it has been a lot of work, now I need to go play with it for a few days before i'm ready to start tackling the front of the cage. I go in spurts where I have to remind myself why I work on it lol.