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Buy or pass on buying 2006 models


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July 17, 2008
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Jax, FL
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'00 Limited
It is time to start looking for a replacement for my 2000 Ex Limited. I was looking at the 4th Generation, particularly the 2006 model mainly because of price. However, I read on some articles online that the 2006 models are not the most reliable; leaking coolant, transmission problems, and another website recommeded to skip the 2006.

I would like to know what other Ex owners of 4th generation think? Buy or skip the 2006 models in lieu of 2007-2010 models?

Edited to add some sources:

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My suggestion is to look around and find one that you are considering and then look at the miles etc. on it. Since you have been doing your research you should be able to spot any immediate issues you may have with it upon test drive and general vehicle inspection. As far as the whole radiator thing, it can happen to any of the vehicle years in this generation. In my mind no reason to avoid a particular year if those problems have already been addressed on the vehicle by the previous owner, if they even popped up. Remember, failures are more likely to be reported by owners than the other 95+% of problem free and satisfied owners.

Last December I bought a 2006 V8 LTD. It had 124K miles on it and everything worked. The one exception, and I knew it going in, it had the dreaded exhaust manifold leak. The price I paid ($8500) reflected that and I got them both sealed up for $800.

So far, near a year on and 3k+ miles later, everything is still good. It had a few small deficiencies like the broken parking brake release handle and one bulb out in the instrument cluster but I fixed those right up. I still need to clean the doggy nose prints off the inside of the tailgate window. :)


....oh, and the other thing I recently fixed was the 'popping' driver's door stay. It is smooth as silk now.

I also bought a 2006 Ltd with 86,000 mile last year. Now it has 97,000 miles and the only problem the P0420 code and a wheel hub is starting to make noise. Will repair it all very soon. Really like this vehicle mileage is 24 mpg highway but I can only get 11 city. :exp:

.......mileage is 24 mpg highway but I can only get 11 city.....

Am getting a combined local mileage of about 16. That includes surface streets and a few forays on the local freeways

This summer, when I pulled my 20 ft boat to the local launch ramp (several times), the mileage did drop to around 14.5..

I would get an 06+ any day over a 02-05. The 06 and 07s had radiator issues, by now those would have been solved by the previous owner in a used vehicle as they usually go bad around 60k.

The transmission in a v6 is basically the same 06-10. The v8 received an upgrade to the 6R80 trans in 2008.

I probably sound like a broken record, but get v8. You get better tranny, no issues with the radiator, just stupid sparkplugs (there is a solution for that), and exhaust manifolds warping. Otherwise the 4.6 and the 6R tranny are bulletproof in my opinion (with limits of course). I am at 192 k miles with snow plowing (light), and lots of towing. My radiator started dripping at 150k, replaced it with an aftermarket unit for $ 190 and that was it. I had to deal with broken sparkplugs and leaking manifolds to be honest but otherwise, very happy with the truck.

Hmmmm...I am going to have to really look hard into the V8's if that is the case although I've been lucky with my V6 so far. I got my 2000 Ex (SOHC) in 2008 with 134k. It now has 253k. It has been very good to me 'in flat Florida'.

I agree 110%. The V8 gets the better tranny and actually 1mpg better fuel economy plus and is also more commonly found w/ the upgraded tow package and transmission cooler for better longevity. Harder to find then the V6 but well worth it. If you don't you'll be kicking yourself later.

I found a 2008 Mountaineer Premier V8 AWD that I am going to check out on Wednesday. 140k, $9000 obo.

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY PASS. That is, unless you have a big budget to replace the thermostat housing and radiator on a regular basis, and probably the transmission at some point. has now upgraded its banner to "Avoid like the plague" and they are not kidding. I've had 3 radiators, going on the 4th Thermostat Housing, replaced the tranny earlier this year, and I've got a frigging Tire sensor error that I don't have $300 to play bad sensor bingo with.

Learn from my folly.

V8's use the same rad as your v6, so it's interesting that your rad issue is so much worse than ppl with V8's. Perhaps it's the cooling cycle the v6 uses (which I've heard of before, so possible.)

Don't have fear in buying the 06 model vs 07-10. There wasn't anything in the newer years that they fixed from the 06 model (like they'll do at times.)

Besides the exhaust leak which I'm getting fixed, and a leaky rad which I got fixed (but to be fair it went almost 9 years until it finally leaked) I've had no issues with my 2006 v8.

Late in 2008 they redesigned the heads so the sparkplugs do not get stuck.

Our '06 is about to 100k and we have owned it for 4 years now. Pretty much just change the oil and put gas in it. Put new tires on earlier this year. Been a great truck.

I have an 06 Monty premier v8 awd I got with 185k. Now have 201k and recently changed plugs/ coils. Still towing/hauling strong

06 eb

My 06 Eddie Bauer has 155,000 on it and only a radiator replacement other than scheduled services. Still looks and drives as new. I love the 4.0 V6. my previous Sport Trac had the 4.6 and I don't miss the V8 at all.

I checked the Mountaineer this morning. Stone cold the manifold was a lot more noisy. I too a video but I am not posting since we all know by now how that sounds.

I then took the Mountaineer to my mechanic and after some talk about these SUV's and other things he recommended me to look for something else. :/

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Avoid the explorer with the V8, and any explorer with the V6 running. Unless you can swing a wrench expect thousands if not tens of thousands in repair costs after 100k KMS (60k Miles).