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Camp, Shoot & Wheel Weekend?

Bummer dude. If you give me some 35s for the Ranger, you can drive the X, lol

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I won't leave Wichita till thursday or friday if there is anything I can do. Chad talked good about you guys from the Frost Byte deal and I was looking forward to wheeling with both of you. That's too bad about the radiator.

:DAnyone see some fresh road kill let me know. I'll be cookin the chili in a few days. I'm not picky.;)

I updated post #1. Looks like maybe 33 folks for saturday evening.

Better dress/prepare for cold wet weather. Friday: Rain, high of 64, low of 33. Saturday: Rain/snow, high of 33, low of 25. Sunday: Partly cloudy, high of 40, low of 25.

Day fore yesterday they said 60 and sunny for saturday. All last week on the long range it was switching the rain between friday and saturday with a both thrown in every once in a while.

This mornin they have showers and a high of 68 friday, snow and wind saturday with a high of 34, and the still constant sunny on sunday.

The wind is what bothers me for saturday. I have camped up there with temps in the teens. My camping equipment will keep me warm and dry. But if it's raining/snowing sideways there is no shelter other than folks setting in a tent or vehicle. Shore nuff puts a strain on campfire tales.

Most likely I'll wait till tomorrow to cook to see if the stuff stalls or goes through early or maybe around. We still have the plan B to go to Sizzlin in Manhattan on saturday evening. Shootin may have to wait till sunday.

K. The detailed forcast I have seen shows the high saturday just after midnight friday night. By 7:00 AM it is to be below freezing and hold all day with 20+ mph wind. The wind chill would be below 17. The snow is to stop before we would have the meal and I could cook in the back of Green. But I would have a shelter and warm stove. I doubt folks could all get around the fire and stay warm setin in lawn chairs.

I called Sirloin Stockade today and they are open. The all you can eat is $9.19 plus drink for adults. They do have a menu that can be ordered from.

Another place would be Famous Dave's BBQ.,+KS+66503@39.172980,-96.605349&hl=en

Let me know what you all want to do. I have to know by tomorrow night.

Any place is fine with me really. Famous Dave's is great BBQ. I am thinking I may rethink my camping plans. I was planning on just throwing down a mat and a bag, and making a little cover out of a small tarp. May just roll up there in the morning and stay til late. I'm only 20-30 min away in Manhattan.

Looks like I will wake up to snow saturday morning. I have and extra tent if you would like to use it.

We have a guy that has a camper he is going to bring out. So for the few folks camping we may have breakfast in the camper. I have two fry bread mixes and two different kinds of bacon.

The weather forcast has eased up a bit. I will have the chili and fixins in case folks want to do the gtg at camp as planned. But I'm easy and if folks would rather go in town and set inside I'm up for that too. I camp so it doesn't make a lot of difference to me. Guess we'll just have to see what happens with the weather and what the folks who show up want to do.

I'm outa here. Not taking the puter. If ya need me just call. Number is listed at the bottom of the info post.

I'm just going to be up there for breakfast, wheelin and supper (wherever that might be) :)

Jack said he moved camp to be out of the wind better so the GPS cords are no good. He is still at fancy creek, just moved to campsite #1 with electricity. SHouldn't be too hard to find him. I plan on being at the ORV around 10:00. Big Red/Maroon exploder-- with a driver as nutty as a squirrel turd!!!

Had a good time-- good food good friends and challenging wheelin. Very very slick-- brok a rear wing window, but ya gottat pay to play :) Had a great time.