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Cargo mat---Ford or Weathertech?


April 28, 2014
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2014 explorer xlt
We just got a 2014 XLT Explorer. Since I have to fill up gas cans for the lawnmower, go to the dump, etc, I'm wondering about cargo mats. It looks like Weathertech gets a good rating.

However, I want to get a couple of other things too: cargo organizer (the aftermarket ones I looked up are much smaller than the full width behind the 3rd row), and a windshield deflector. So I'm wondering if I should just get all 3 things at the dealer? Any info would be greatly appreciated. This is our first SUV after years of driving commuter cars. Thanks!!

Hey everyone, I saw the thread on the 3rd page after I posted this. Lots of good info. I've never had a car other than commuter, stripped down, and just trying to take care of our new ride.