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Creag's 92


1) 3" Performance Accessories body lift (yeah, cant wait to get a better lift haha)
2) 15x8x4.50 Rockcralwers (jeeze, like everyone else haha)
3) 32x11.50 Kumho Venture MT (how about more like 30.9")

Front Axle:
1) Warn manual hubs :)
2) Energy suspention bushings :cool:
3) 4.56 Gears :D
4) Open :p
5) Valvoline syn 75w-140 gear oil

Rear Axle:
1) 4.56 gears
2) Detriot Truetrac
3) Richmond syn. 75w-140

1) Borla Headers and Y-Pipe
2) Stock cats
3) Flowmaster 40 series muffler

Engine Mods
1) .030" over, Flattop SOHC pistons.
2) 422 Comp Cam
3) Ported/polished heads
4) Knife-edged intake
5) BBK 66mm throttle
6) Hastings Moly Rings
7) Delta-Cams rocker arms
8) 5.525" SmithBro's pushrods

Wish List:
1) LP Dana 44 out an early bronco
2) 4.88 gearing
3) Detriot locker rear, open or maybe LSD upfront.
4) SOA rear
5) Re-drill bolt pattern for rear axle shafts and drums
6) Brake master cylinder from Fullsize truck
7) 15x10 wheels with 3.75" backspacing
8) 33x12.5 or 34x12.50 Interco A/Ts or M/Ts, not sure which =)

Dana 44 and 33"s tires you thinking? For one, i like my gearing. The overlap cam and the low gearing complement eachother very well, i would like to be low as much as i can stand . The main thing im going for with the bigger knuckles is the bigger spindles and brakes and the added stability to keep me tracking straight!


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Gears are in

Got my rear gears done... here's some pics of the pattern.

Shot of the true-trac

Shot of the pattern!

whew, im startin to feel smart! Haha, before this, i had no prior experince setting up gears. A little more then 15k miles later, it still works! Im pretty darn happy with myself... now i just want bigger tires! and lower gears! haha, too bad they dont make 4.88 for the dana35 reverse cut. Oh well, 5.13 and 33"s? whadya think? haha

Wanna learn how to install your own gears? Check out this write-up


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Can i get a moder-ator to change the subject of the thread? 'Creag's 92 '

looks good... :thumbsup: glad u finaly got it all done. so for the front did u put another tru trac or is it a detroit locker up front?

Creager said:
Can i get a moder-ator to change the subject of the thread? 'Creag's 92 '


thank you very much sir.

hiridin said:
looks good... :thumbsup: glad u finaly got it all done. so for the front did u put another tru trac or is it a detroit locker up front?

I haven’t gotten to the front yet due to a lack of decision. I really want to put another truetrac up front, but apparently I can’t get one? Someone on here has one... unclemeat?

I think if settle with a selectable locker like an ARB I would be happier. I like the idea of being able to go from open to locked’ in the front. They're just so expensive haha.

I figured i'd update this a little bit.

I got my front gears in finally, its GREAT having 4wheel drive (for the first time in MONTHS.) I had to go open, originally i had an aussie locker lined up which was sent to me for testing (from Unfortunaltly, their model they were trying to use for the 91-94 explorers was too large for the carrier. So im open for now!

Gotta love some mud mogals. You would think thats some kind of dirt-bike track, in actuality, thats how the clay naturally erodes around us.


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Engine comparment is done! Well, almost.


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