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Exhaust Questions (5.0 L)

While waiting for the machinist to get to work on my engine block, I've been thinking about the exhaust.

I'm planning on headers, dual catalytics, dual mufflers, and dual tailpipes, both pipes exiting out behind the right rear tire. I realize that the left bank of cylinders will have a slightly longer path to travel, I don't think it will be an issue in the hp/torque range I am planning on.

302 block, bored 0.030 over -> 306
Compression - 9.0:1
HP - ~300
RPM Range - 0 - 5500

On to the questions:

1. Pipe diameter. 2 1/2" the whole way (headers to tailpipe)?

2. "X" pipe or not?

3. What size muffler? I'm thinking about going with Magnaflows - they must 10 different sizes.

EDIT: 4. With dual pipes, are the pipes welded together (maybe with a spacer) along their length?

Scott, I really doubt you will gain anything with dual 2.5" over a 3" tailpipe for the usage you are planning
Bending tubing over the axle-shock area takes up space enough with one tube.
This will save you hassle of an x pipe, as you could just use a 2 into 1 muffler.


Point taken.

I actually have 2 pipes going over the axle now (1-in, 2-out muffler - cheapy "duals").

I was thinking about using some pre-bent tailpipes from Magnaflow. They build a tailpipe to fit the Ranger - I would just use two of them, with only 1 minor modification necessary.

I have a Magnafow with and X-pipe configuration in the muffler, love the way it sounds.
2 in and 2 out. IMO running dual exhaust with no X pipe is like hearing two loud 4 cylinders. Which is what it is when each bank is separate from the other and not connected to each other. The X helps out in the exhaust pulse thingy.
But with all the cats and just normal driving, who knows if it helps or not.
But I still like the sound of an x system.

Thanks Rookie,

I've been thinking about that 2 in 2 out one - glad to hear it sounds good!