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Explorer in snow


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June 20, 2007
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Anchorage, Alaska
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98 5.0L V8 AWD XLT
I make it priority to make it clear that I will Not be responsible for any damages that might occur, 99.9% of the time I have a witness.. and I live in Alaska so people have a bit more common sense when it comes to these kinda situations... people who are stuck enough would rather take some damage than to pay a tow truck hundreds of dollars or risk having to leave the vehicle only to come back the next morning to find out it was lit on fire. (No, I'm not joking.. this is very common.) As for where to hook up.. depends on what you have with you, how Your vehicle is configured.. and as for their vehicle.. it just depends on the vehicle. I've pulled a neon on .. on of the control "arms" in the rear.. very carefully and lightly.. she was stuck enough for herself to not get out but with some good pulling it pulled right out, this was out on an ice track people race on in the winter and she's a friend of mine, she crashed.. but that's okay.. everyone crashes from time to time. I pulled an STI out at that same track.. it had this tiny lil loop on the bottom of the rear bumper near the frame, they suggested it.. so I went with it after checking to see what exactly it was connected to... no problems at all. I've pulled out other comparable trucks, a Chevy blazer, a Jeep of somesort and even a full size F250 HD. I've pulled on axles, frame rails, bumpers.. it depends on the situation and the durability of the vehicle. There have been some accidents, only with the F250 though.. I shreaded her bumper pretty much. That was completely on her though [my g/f] because she can be quite stubborn and listen to other people instead of someone who could actually judge that exact situation, I let her have her way. That bumper shreaded like paper.. even looks like it ripped like paper, but she wasn't mad because she knew she had been warned and didn't listen. I'd say the most risky place I've ever towed from is the control arm on the Neon but it was a very light situation and I didn't yank on her. Everyone just has to keep their cool about the situation and be aware, that's all. The majority of these tows I've used my Warrior Shackle also, I find it to be a good tow point as long as there's no yanking going on, specially sideways. I took off my hitch shortly after I got the shackles, kinda a poor choice but for the type of off-roading I was doing and the area and hills that's the only thing that was smashing into the ground.

People have used chains on me, I don't prefer them but if that's all you got... then whatever. I've actually read death stories from chains, and even seen in real life the damage chains can have on the rear of vehicles, mainly the rear window shattering as everyone watching does "Ohhhh".. I can only imagine what a chain would do to someones head. I keep a 10,000lbs snap limit strap in my truck and it's never failed me. Well, one did because it got awfully torn up after lots of use.. but what finally broke it was us cutting it because it was so tight on whatever we had it on and it was way too cold and wet [frozen] to try and undo the knot.. So technically it has never failed.

Like I said, make sure everyone is aware of the dangers and risks involved, keep cool and everything should go right. There's Always risks. And be aware of wtf you're doing, if you're not sure about something.. ask for another person's opinion. It's common sense really.
I had to be winched out of a .. river kinda thing once down a huge drop off... that was fun.. after the front end was nice and submerged... but yea... they winched me out by my rear axle... bent a shock but I accepted that risk/damage.. besides.. the guy was doing me a huge favor.. everyone was on private property technically, it was worse because we were closer to the airport side of the "flats". There were risks of both big fines and impound And my vehicle being lit on fire after it was stripped in a matter of hours. Hell, some people don't even strip vehicles down, they search the inside of valuables and light it up!... yay for stinky bon fire.. lol. I had to drive almost right next to a burning Sierra one day on a very narrow snowy trail... that smelled horrible, could even feel the heat. But I had a line behind me and it was the kinda trail where if any of your wheels slipped, you were gonna go sideways into a ditch.. everyone made it around just fine. Well, a 2wd almost slid and hit it with her rear but.... those things happen when you don't listen to Daniel and buy a 2wd SUV in Alaska even though you brought me with you to Help pick a vehicle. lol.... I forgive her though, she fixed her mistake by trading in her Dodge Durango for a Ford Ranger. =)

Oh man.. I've got too many stories about this kinda crap... I guess that's what I get for off-roading in Alaska!