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Explorer Sport Trac II wheels on 2010 Explorer?


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August 9, 2010
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Minneapolis, Minnesota
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2003 Explorer 4.0 XLT 4WD
Do Explorer Sport Trac II wheels fit on the 2006-2010 Explorer? I'm specifically asking about the 20" rims on both models, but my findings also apply to the 18" wheels.

The bolt pattern and center bore are the same, and the offset seems to be in the same range in the positive 40s or so, but a parts yard search classifies these as separate wheels.

Wheels are interchangeable. Parts yards probably don't list them as such due to the different model, as in Explorer compared to Sport Trac...but suspension-wise, chassis wise, the guts of it are the same.

The backspacing is what you'd need to watch, as long as it's identical, or fairly close to your stock wheels, you're good to go, literally and figuratively. :)