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Front end work

aha, so that lip has a ring that will stay on the underside of the can? That makes sense.

Only pic I have of my truck is the updated aluminum dash with my cell phone. sorry about the bad quality, thats what you get for having a waterproof phone, everything else sucks on it.


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Looks good RJ.

Did you check steering lock to lock with the coilover tabs? I know the steering linkages are gonna be real close. Mine are with the stock linkage and my TRE is under the knuckle.

when i was mocking the tabs up i turned the wheels to full lock. i fogot to take into acount the spring would sit close too. but i think everything clears. my computer is real slow. hopefully i don't fall asleep before photos load.

took some pics tonight. i want to adjust the fron end down a little bit. and i don't know if its just the way it is with coilovers or if its cause i dont have nitro in them yet, but driving forward, the front end sits high, and when you reverse, the front dips down really really low and stay there untill you go forward again.

when you pull in forward



when you back in





Daaayyyumm! Looks sweet. That's kinda funny how much it sags when backing up the driveway, looks like a street truck. :) And the back end doesn't seem to sit extremely low compared to the front. And your 33s look teeny under those big fenders now.

the alignment is jacked. just dropped it at the alignment shop to set the toe and i have some different cams to put in. also want to drop the font just a little. looks to "i live in socal so check out how nose up my prerunner is bro"

Looking good RJ

So.....umm what the story with the new windshield????

took the windsheild out when they did the roll cage. the new mexico glass doesn't have the weather stripping peice in the bottum :mad:

congrats, it's driveable and ready for Truckhaven! I'm half tempted to drive over and ride with you!!!

Looks great.

And are you getting a new windshield for the same reason I am....cage work = cracked windshield?

when the cage was built they pulled the whole windsheild out and put a new one in.

come on out danny. this thing should ride pretty well. even with out the shocks charged there's still no bounce in the car. i got on the back end and jumped up and down on it, sturdy, solid, not bouncy. :cool:


went out to truck haven, the front end worked great :thumbsup:

didn't get to test out how well it can do on high speed stuff since the rear setup was bucking around to much. but anything it did drive over was smoooooooooooth :D

here's a few pics from the trip


do it!!!!!!!!!

here some pics that aren't action shots and aren't at night.





the axle rubbed juuuuuust a little (see the line on the axle) not bad for all the rompin a did on it :thumbsup:

Are those the superlift springs back on?

EDIT: nevermind, i saw you switched them in your other thread :confused:.

just need set the front about an inch higher and make it level (its leaning to the pass side). other than that the only thing i need to do is twist down the lockrings to adjust when the stiffer spring engages. right now i have it so only the softer, top spring is being used. i'll probably only set it up to use both springs for places like pismo or glamis and just run the soft spring only for rockcrawling.

then all i need is some sweet custome made steering :D i also have a feeling that i'll be going through radius arm bushings a lot.

don't even danny!!!!!!!! when you have some pics of yours out of the shop you'll be laughing at mine and doing donuts around me!

well, I find that hard to believe, you've got a pretty sweet setup. My other question I was going to ask was if you felt Heimed radius arms were going to be needed. I guess the answer to that would be yes. I'm a ways from wanting to budget any more money into my setup. I always loved how the truck ran before with the exception of the bucking rear end. I've spent the last 2 nights painting the cage and it's done now. The seats/shocks/dash are officially ready to go in when the paint dries.

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pff this race truck doesn't need heims

actually thats the exact same radius arm setup i have.

no way im spending $300 on heims anytime soon