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Fuel sending unit Explorer to Navajo

May 27, 2011
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'92 Navajo
I was looking at the Rock Auto fuel pumps and sending units and noticed there is a better selection for the Explorer than for the Navajo. The first question is just to soothe my nerves.
Do the fuel sending units in the explorer fit the Navajo? I assume they do but just checking.

The next question is in regard to the units with the sending unit and pump in one package.
Does anyone have experience with the lower cost units like the Spectra and Airtex?
I would hate to have a failure anytime soon. Is the extra cost of the more expensive units worth the price?
Any recommendations are appreciated.

yeah any mechanical parts of the navajo are identical to the explorer. and regards to your second question. I installed a airtex sender pump unit in my navajo a couple months ago and the pump is good and quiet but my fuel gauge doesn't read correctly (installed correctly) but im sure its just an isolated incident.