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Gangsta sag and leaf springs


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November 30, 2000
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1997 Ford Explorer XLT
Got the driver's side gangsta sag...about 3/4" difference from right side. It was about 1 1/4" diff before I replaced the shocks with Monroe Load Adjusting shocks.

Can I add just one additional leaf to the left side leaf springs to even out the sag? What's the recommendation if no?

And since leafs come in different lengths, if I can add just one, which length should it be? It's a 4-leaf setup.

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Correct and recommended fix would be new leafs. Some have swapped sides or de-arched the leafs with short term and moderate success. Something you may also try is either lifting the LF or lowering the RF via torsion twist to compensate for the rear drivers side lean. If you do attempt the TT, mark the bolts before adjusting so you can retun to the same bolt positions if it doesn't help. Check alignment after. GL

And would the recommended new leaf installation mean TWO new sets, or just replace the left side.

How about getting a passenger side leaf pack from a junkyard, and installing it on the driver's side?

It would be best to replace both leaf packs.

However, before doing this you might replace all (front and rear) swaybar bushings (frame bushings) , and check the rear sway bar is not twisted.

The sway bar does play a role in leveling out the left side sag.