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Leaf Spring Swap?


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June 27, 2005
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1998 Sport 4wd- V6 Sohc
I am told that the rear leaf springs on a pre 2000, 4 door Explorer are interchangeable with the sport model, is this true?

I have the ass sag and need to get rid of it, I have never seen a 4 door sagging. How hard is it to swap out the rear leaf springs, what tools are needed?

Thinking about picking up some 4 door leafs at a local bone yard.

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yes is truth.

any 95-01 explorer 4 door it works.

make sure that you get them out of a low miles explorer and you may consider adding a leaf because all 95-01 explorers 4 and 2 doors after some time they sag due to the driver weight and the fuel tank weight is at the same side of the car.

this threat is going to help you out remove the springs.


My 4-door is saggin like a biatch. It doesn't just happen to sports.

I did not think 4 doors sagged, I haven't seen to many sagging. On the other hand almost every Sport I see has the ass sag.

I wonder if it might be cheaper just to have my mono leafs rebent?

Thanks for the info.

the cheaper way is to get a leafspring out of a 4 door explorer in a junk yard with low miles and add a leaf.

if you rebent the mono leaf in your sport is going to sag much faster than a 4 door leafspring.

could always get springs out of a mid 80's f150 and swap those in, give ya an inch of lift.