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Leaf spring sag question


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October 20, 2005
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Bellflower, CA
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2000 explorer sport
Should I get 2 passenger side leaf springs to avoid the "drivers side sag" thats common with explorers? I have a sport so will I be able to use the existing u bolts and plates or should I get new ones?

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Well its not a good idea to put a different amount of leafs on each side. Go out and purchase some 4dr leaf springs that are from a newer explorer...2001 preferably with low miles(or anything with low miles). Now a memeber here, Gjarret i believe..cant remeber the name has stated that the sag can be fixed by reducing torsion on the passengers side t-bar.

the leaves themselves arent a left and right side design, they are an either side design, you can swap yours, and eventually they will even out.... but there really isnt much you can do other than replace both sides, the way the expl;orer is setup, its left heavy....

Sorry if I wasnt clear enough but what I meant was replace my mono-leafs with 2 passenger side 4dr springs. Same year so they won't be too out of whack too. Is this possible?

This may seem like a stupid question, but how do you know if your Explorer is sagging too much? What are the "symptoms"?
Thank you

Anybody know if I can use pass-side leaf springs for both sides?

yes. like the post above said, when you buy leaf springs, you don't get left and right, you get 2 springs. the spare tire and fuel tank make the sploder left heavy, go get a center mount fuel cell and never worry about it again........