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I need help with 94 Explorer XLT speaker wiring.


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January 3, 2011
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'94 XLT
I've looked everywhere for a wiring diagram for my Explorer, but all the diagrams for the speaker wires don't match up to my speaker wires.

My stock speaker wires are: brown, lite green, white with orange stripe, white with red stripe, lite blue with black stripe, lite blue, yellow, and purple with white stripe.

If anyone knows the positive and negative wires, please help!

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I like to take a double a battery and touch a wire to each end, then watch the speaker and see if it pushes out or pulls in, if it pushes out the one on the pos. end of the batt. is the pos. wire also alot of explorers have a built in amp located in the rear, if this is the case the amp has to be by-passed because the factory stereo does not put out sound, it just sends a signal to the amp, you can tell if it has premium sound by looking at the plugs behind the radio, one of the plugs will be a smaller black square sometimes green, hope this helps

Thanks. I'll try that tomorrow. Is there a way to connect an aftermarket stereo directly to the speaker wires? My stereo got jacked mid last year and they took the connector that came with the truck with them. Any solutions for this problem?

Yes, but you have to run new speaker wire to each speaker which can be a ***** because you have to fish the wires through the rubber boot in the jamb, or you could remove the kick panel and b pillar panel and find the wires where they come out, you can use a coat hanger to pull the wires through the door also