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Ideas For My Cage

Ok i have been out of town the last few days and am now sitting down to get this going again. I will be calling about the tube tomm. I was going to do it earlier but since i have the next two days off i will be trying to at least get the tube ordered.

I have my headliner out and am not going to replace it. I am also considering cutting the rear windows out but i need to do some planning so i can do the cage and cut the body at the same time. Also have to make a cover for the open part that will be cut away. Its a DD so i have to be able to drive in the rain.

Hey guys, I have 50' of 1.5" .120 wall tubing, notcher, hydraulic bender, and TIG welder; I just can use some more dimensions like DWD's cage to get started.

I plan to run parallel pipe for the main B-pillar hoop since I only have 1.5" tubing, thoughts? Did he tie in directly through the floor to the frame with no supports needed underneath? I would like to do that for all so I dont have to spend another day welding those 6 up, even if it gets in the way a bit.

As in does that hoop go directly to a plate on the frame?

Thanks all, should be a fun weekend project.

All of his hoops originally only went to the floor. He sandwiched the body with some plate. The hoops are welded to the plate and then bolted through the floor to the other plate below the body.