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Ideas For My Cage

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1.5 should be fine as long as it's DOM and built right. But, if space isn't an issue, 1.75 won't hurt.

well if space isn't an issue, use 2 inch for the main hoops and halo, full penetration welds and at least 4 frame connecting points, and when you finally make it out here, you will be race legal.....

Dang now were getting complicated here. lol JK

Its gonna take plenty of planning. Uh halo. I may be calling that something else. Exlpain.

I plan on doing my frame tie in like so:

The tubes that follow the roof lines. across the windshield, over the doors, across the back, back across the doors to the windshield again...

burns, pm me your number and i'll call you tomorrow with some cage info. gotta go to bed....

no less than 6 tie in's is a must. at least not for a 4 door suv.

Ill have six in all. One up front. One in the middle. One in the back. X2 for both sides.

I will be building in stages. First get from front seats to dash done. Then from front seats to back seats. Then all the way back.

are you planning on a brace behind the drivers seat? There should definatly be something in there or at the windshield. Without it its to big of an unsupported span.

What are you going to use for bending?

Friend of mine has a tube bender. I will prob have to get the notcher.

If you look at DWD's cage. (linked in post one) I will be doing about the same thing with a differnt deal around the dash.

Yea, sorry I havn't updated. I'm waiting on a friend to send me some great pics from the rubicon. Once I get those everything will be updated.

You might want to pick up a copy of Bend Tech... Worth its weight in gold for fabbing one-off cages.

You insert the measurements for each of the areas where you want the cage to fit (inside, outside, or centered to the tube) plus your material dimensions, bender type (center draw, pull through, etc.) and it will calculate the bends, print out the coping sheets for the ends of the tube, and let you add components like connectors, etc., all which will fit perfectly first time.

Directions are printed out -- push in tube X inches, turn X number of degrees and bend to X degrees. Rotate X degrees, push tube X inches, bend to X degrees, etc., etc., etc.

Here's a screen shot of a simple hoop I did -- takes like 30 seconds...


Down tubes:


Go to for more info.

I'm using Bend Tech Pro -- AWESOME software tool.

Chech out the link. This is something like what your talkin about i think.

It wont let me view this. I will try to log on to pirate and see if that works.

I didnt get to call on tube. From my classes to trying to help plan a youth retreat for this weekend i have been busy. Will be calling in the next few if i can. If not it will be next week. Looks that way but possibly not.

Ok ill give that a look. I can view that one.

The first one says:

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Dimensions list?

Hey guys, I have 50' of 1.5" .120 wall tubing, notcher, hydraulic bender, and TIG welder; I just can use some more dimensions like DWD's cage to get started.

I plan to run parallel pipe for the main B-pillar hoop since I only have 1.5" tubing, thoughts? Did he tie in directly through the floor to the frame with no supports needed underneath? I would like to do that for all so I dont have to spend another day welding those 6 up, even if it gets in the way a bit.

As in does that hoop go directly to a plate on the frame?

Thanks all, should be a fun weekend project.