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Installed new leafs from Carrier Springs


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March 26, 2001
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My factory springs were sagging pretty bad. With no load the springs were flat, with my trailer hooked up, a 18' BigTex 70DM the springs had a negative arch. So I ordered a set of custom leaf springs from Carrier Spring a heavy
duty version of their 2 inch lift springs.

The new springs appear identical to my stock springs with the exception of an additional lead in thethe pack. In a side by side comparision the new leafs were only about two inches taller than my worn out stock leafs, I kind of expected a bigger difference. After installing the new leafs, they look almost as flat as my stock leafs were.

I do have a set of warrior shackles, and I know the shackles tend to flatten out your springs. Should I remove the shackles and put the stock shackles back on?


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It's really a matter of preference, your springs are going to settle out a bit and so you may need the warrior shackles to help keep everything even. I just installed double AALs along with the single aal i had in my truck and it lifted the rear of my truck a good 2-3" but it is starting to settle out. Worse comes to worse and you really don't want to run the shackles you can always put an aal in there for a little bit more lift.

Hey man, how's AIT going? I'm just concerned that I paid for a heavy duty spring rate with a 2 inch lift and they really don't seem to be much better than my worn out stock springs.

Visualy the truck looks even front and rear with the new springs, I don't think I need an AAL. I wonder if I'm expecting too much out of these springs as far as load carrying. I think I'm going to pull the warrior shackles and re-install the stock shackles just to see how much of the arch back if any and go from there.

It could just be a perception thing. I know when you add Warrior shackles it does look as if the springs are flatter, but the rear is higher (tape measure doesn't lie).

I have a set of Carrier's 4" lift leaf springs waiting to go on (with my skyjacker 4" lift). I will be using them with Warrior shackles and will take before and after measurements to see what the actual diff is..

AIT is um, how can I put this.. lame, but I've learned alot and I'm about half way done now so I'm happy about that though I'm still here till the end of april. If the springs are infact heavier duty, ie thinker/more leafs they will resist sagging more though they will sag. If you have concerns I'd go talk to Carrier and see what they'll do for you.

DeRocha, I hope your right, but like a dumb ass I was in a hurry to get them on and forgot to take any before and after measuements.

Doug, How many AALs do you have total and where did you get them? It sucks you can't hang out with KSpride, we're always doing something to one of our trucks. We'll have to hook once your done with class.

Thanks guys

Yeah, I met him once, he seems like a pretty good guy. For a while I had 4dr springs, warrior shackles and a single AAL but it all sagged and my shocks where bottoming out with the shock mounts i have now. I put double AALs in last week and they lifted the rear a good 2 inches. You may have saw my truck it was sitting in the parking lot at Riley for about a week on jackstands because i couldn't get U-bolts locally.

Well I took off the warrior shackles to see how much arch I would get back in the new springs, as you probably guessed I got a little arch back but overall lost about an inch and a half in height. The new springs still appear flat to me, so I'm going to talk with Tyler the V.P. of Carrier Spring, since I've been dealing with him through out my order. I just want to know what my options are.

Here is a pic of the drivers side spring with my trailer hooked up, What do you guys think?

looks pretty damn arched to me.... If you want a damn chuck wagon spring you can have them made but you will sacrifice your ride. The arch helps the lift but more than arch the spring rate helps the lift.

The shackles didnt flatten out your springs either. It looks like it but it just changes the geometry of the arch. Take a bottle cap and cut the threads out into a hlaf moon. then hold both ends in place and look at the arch and remember it. Now take one of end of the arch and add a straight piece to it. Hold the straigh piece and the other end of the arch. Now if you notice you have teh same arch... it just changed position so the back of the spring is now lower or at least level with the middl of the arch giving the illusion of a flattened spring.

My advise is quit trying the custom spring route. Get the AAL or shackle or whatever lift you want. Then if your stock pack still sags with a load adda a helper spring that doesnt affect the ride until it is loaded to the point where that leaf has to act. I know Tokico sells them as well as Helwig. Look in Summit catalogs for ideas to. Custom springs take lots of research and development. Unless you find a company that has r&d'ed the springs properly i say save your money.