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Key FOBs


May 29, 2009
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Vancouver, BC
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'94 XLT
Hey guys

I have a 94 XLT... I'm looking to pick up a keyless entry remote, but want/need to know where/how to find out if this truck came with keyless entry to start with.. or whether i can get a keyless FOB to work..
Can anyone tell me how to check?


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If you have a factory installed system, you will have a warning lamp located somewhere in the dash instrumentation, if it's enabled (armed or not) with the key off, when a door is opened, the anti-theft indicator will flash. When the doors are locked with the interior switches or the remote fob's code, the anti-theft lamp will illuminate steady. If you have an aftermarket alarm or anti-theft device, there's no way for us to tell unless you find the alarm module or one of the sensor modules and it has a manufacturer's name or model number on it. Mine has a DEI/Viper alarm/keyless entry system that was installed prior to me purchasing the truck. When the alarm is triggered, the interior lights will flash until the unlock button on my fob is pressed, this will disarm the alarm, stop the flashing interior lights and open all 4 doors. Pressing the lock button, locks all 4 doors and sets the alarm so that if the any of the doors are unlocked or opened manually, the interior lights are triggered and start flashing.

I have picked up a OEM FOB off a buddy, but am trying to ascertain whether my truck has the facility to program it in. I don't think (from memory) there is an indicator light/warning lamp like you speak of, but will check none the less :)

Did keyless entry come stock from the factory or was it an optional extra?

Option for the 1st gen's unless you have a Limited

Sweet. Am considering simply upgrading to alarm/remote start...

Thanks :)