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Largest Tire 4 a Stock 97 Sport?

I Know, I Know, like you need to read another post of someone asking what's the largest tire you can fit on a Stock 1997 Explore Sport. Currently I have the Factory 255 70 r16's and I would like to go to a 265. I know there are 265 70 r16's and 265 75 r16's my question is which one should I go with that will have no problem on my truck. FYI I do NOT have any kind of lift installed on my truck, it is basically Stock. any help, comments, suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah I will be going with BFG AT/KO's just not sure on the exact size.

I just had a 265 75R16 Michelin LTX MS test fitted on the 6th. I am going with the ATs but Discount tire didn't have them at their store so we tried the MS. It fit easily everywhere except the front wheel bottom, inside edge of my Gray fender flares (the side towards the back of the vehicle). I just cut off the inside corner and will be picking up the ATs today or tomorrow. Mine is also a '97 4x4 Sport with 255 70/16 tires. There is another post with a picture of a '98 Sport with the 265 ties on it. It looks great. I didn't test fit the tire on the back, but there should be at least as much room as the fronts. Mine is also stock height.