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Leaf Spring Swap - Sport Trac to 2nd Generation Explorers


December 27, 2008
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Dearborn Heights, MI
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1998 4.0L SOHC Sport 4WD
Has anyone tried to swap rear leaf springs from a 1st generation sport trac (2001 to 2005) on to a 2nd generation explorer (1995 - 2001)?

I researched a little bit about doing this and have found out the following information:

95-01 Explorer
Distance from the Front Spring Eye to Center Pin = 25-11/16"
Distance from the Rear Spring Eye to Center Pin = 31"

01-05 Sport Trac
Distance from the Front Spring Eye to Center Pin = 25-12/16" or 25-3/4"
Distance from the Rear Spring Eye to Center Pin = 31"

I found a pair of sport trac springs at a salvage yard, and to make a long story short I had to pass on getting them because I was told that the sport trac has larger sized eyelets in the bushings on the springs. basically that the sport trac uses larger diameter bolts to attach to the shackles / hangers.

I do not want to drill out the front spring bracket (there is not enough room to get a drill in there).

So, has anyone tried this, and if so what feed back can you provide me.
Does, anyone think the 1/16" longer sport trac spring will make a significant diffierence if I were to figure a way to make this swap?
Also, does anyone know the actual diameter of the bolts used to hang the springs on both the Explorer and the Sport Trac?

Any specific information would be helpful. Oh, before I forget, please save yourself some typing and do not tell me to just swap out 1st or 2nd generation 4dr explorer leaf springs onto my 1998 Explorer Sport. I have read all of the post on this, and I know that can be done. I am starting this new thread because it is much easier to find low milage springs from a sport trac in comparison to 4dr explorers (at least were I live).

I also am aware that I can add warrior shackles to raise my Explorer Sport. You can not add an Add-A-Leaf (AAL) to the mono spring that I have. I believe the sport trac springs will increase my load carring capacit, as well as raise my rear end up about 1" from stock. This is my goal at least.

(Edit - I load a lot of camping gear onto a cargo carrier off the back of my sport, I want stiffer springs than the mono to keep the rear from sagging when I do this. This is what I mean when I say increase my load carring capacity.)

This site:
is where I am getting my info. about the springs.

I can't speak to the eye size on the springs... the easiest way to find out would be to call a dealer and ask them to check and see if the two years and models in question take the same size bolts. (or even better, the same part numbers)

As for the capacity, that's not going to change even with heavier springs. The gross axle weight rating doesn't change no matter what springs you use. Stiffer springs will reduce the squat for any given load, but the maximum weight the axle is rated to carry is unchanged. Keep in mind that on the Sport especially, just 300 lbs of tongue weight from a trailer is enough to put the rear axle within 50 lbs of the GAWR for the rear axle. It's easy to overload the rear axle with a couple large buddies in the back seat and large cooler in the back.