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Leak Sunroof

Tim Well

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November 16, 2006
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1996 Explorer Eddie Bauer
Hello, I wanted to ask a questions. I have a leak in the inside front of the car, right near where the windshield meets the roof. I put plastic on the outside over the sunroof and somehow water still leaks inside and makes that one corner wet. (it does not actually leak but soaks a corner of the roof). One dealer stated he needed to dissasemble the sunroof and then suggested I stick a very skinny item in the drain hole in the sunroof, as he thought it might be clogged. I did it over and over but the inside still gets wet. Is there anything else that can be done without disassembling the sunroof?



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Have you considered that it might me the windshield leaking?

I have put some liquid seal on outside of the front windshield. It still leaked. I even put tape some plastic (bad mistake, tape left marks on my beautiful 4x4) with tape around the area that the water appears and it still comes in. I checked the rubber moulding I just have no clue how it gets in.

i have the same problem but i have a 94 explorer with 150,000 miles i recently put a brand new headliner in last week and i got some rain the other day and the passenger side infront of the sunroof is leaking. the only thing i can think is the sunroof has 4 drain lines one from each corner and i think one of them may have gotten disconnected or the line broke. my suggestion would be to take off the headliner (its not hard took me and one other person about 45 minutes) after you have it out poor some water on the roof where you think the leak may be. then go from there. just be careful taking out the headliner its very fragile.

Hey Kerv that is the exact are where the leak is at. Just how do you take down the headliner (besides pulling <grin>).


start with taking out the sun visors, a-pillars, push pin that hold the headliner into the roof. to make it easier to slide it out i also loosened the seatbelts so i could pull the trim back. next would be grab handles and the sunroof opener. also the lights have to be removed the front one you can pop the cover off with a flat head and take out the 3 screws and the light will come out. the rear one has a metal holder around it thats attached to the headliner so be very careful with this one. after that go to the rear and slowly pull it. just make sure you pop the headliner down from around the sunroof liner. other than that just be careful the headliner is very fragile and rips easily.
we just got hit with some hard rain her in michigan over the last few days and i came out from school and my passenger seat was soaked so i am rooling around with the headliner out. found out it is leaking where the roof meets the windshield and the passenger right corner of my sunroof. i am gettin very angry its a brand new headliner and now it has salt and water stains on it