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Factory sunroof question


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March 20, 2002
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Little Rock, AR
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'97 Explorer Expedition
I am considering a 1999 Explorer with a factory installed sunroof. My question is, will the sunroof leak in an automatic carwash due to the high pressure?


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Mine doesn't.

I'm a carwash addict and mine doesn't leak. I've got a '99 too.

I have no evidence of mine ever leaking and I have used my pressure washer on ocasion.

Ok cool. Thanks guys. I will take these responses into consideration. :D

my head liner is discolored on one corner near the sunroof, i've never felt it wet tho.

I have a 98, and have never had a leak. (knocking on wood)


BTW, the factory sunroofs have a drain basin at the sunroof, with four drain hoses. Unless normal leakage is excessive into the basin, then the drains are the only items to look at. Open the sunroof, and see about checking each drain hose. Good luck,