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Lighting problem


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March 11, 2008
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I have a 1993 Ford Ranger extend cab. While towing my horse trailer a wire on the trailer harness had broke and shorted out on my trailer. Now I don't have brake/parking/running lights and also no license plate lights to my truck. Headlights work and turn signals work. Also at the same time the ABS sensor light on the truck started flashing, it flashes 16 times, pauses then 16 flashes etc... I removed the wiring harness for the trailer and still have problem. I've checked all fuses and bulbs. I thought it might be in the headlight switch, so I removed the switch and using a jumper wire can get the lights to work individually. I have another ranger so I tried the headlight switch in that truck and it was worked fine. I have power going into the fuse box. I'm thinking it must be a bad ground somewhere between fuse box and rear of truck? Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated.