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lowest possible height with 20s(pics)

Xzibit A

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November 22, 2004
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02 xlt 4.6
here is the proof, i dont think you can get a smaller tire than what i have which is a 245 35 20, and this is with out bags or any cutting.









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Looks great, but has to a painful ride pretty much on the bumpstops all day long.

hey mate hows it goin? did you twist your torsion bars to get it that low? i have a 96 limited and have wound the bars out and it still sits pretty high, i have 285 50 20's on it and can still get 3 fingesr under the gaurd !! any suggestions?? cheers

I can vouch that with out doing anything extreme, that's pretty much as low as you can go. That's about the ride height I'm sitting at, just a warning to everyone that in order to achieve this your X will move with every flaw in the road.

xplorethis, i flipped the torsion keys over, and ran the bolts out, there is a write up on here somewhere its called the torsion flip

I had 2 5/8" from ground to rear leafspring mount on my 91. with 255/35/20.

Looks good and low to me.... You know the next step is gonna cost you a nice chunk of change.... LOL Just a matter of time....

Damn...that looks great. I like the license plate too. :cool:

That's pretty low. It looks like your driving on your wheels in that first picture. looks cool though :thumbsup:

i thought thats what wheels were made for.... driving on.. lol just messin

haha well froader, the only thing left is the front chrome bumper, i installed my rollpan and started shaving some stuff, and im wainting to get one of cobraxps front bumper covers for the front

lol yeah ive got an idea or 2

looks sweet dude, my ride in australia might have to compete with you very soon,

lookz tite "zib", nicely done ! hey az u know i'm plannin on doin a t-flip soon , one question, how much tire rub do u get on the front wheel wells ?

none but look at the tires im running