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Map Light Bulb Question


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September 6, 2014
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Dracut, Ma
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2002 Mercury Mountaineer
i am going to change the map lights and dome lights in my 2002 mountaineer to the super bright white bulbs. my map light console does not have the cubbies for sunglasses garage door opener etc etc because it has a sun roof. all i can find are tips on the explorer or mountaineers with out sunroofs. does this assembly just pop out of the ceiling as in held in with clips? or is there a hidden screw im not seeing? thank you very much for any advise

I have a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer with the same set up.

There should not be any hidden screws to remove this, yet just gently pry the clips away. It is suggested to use a thin flat headed screwdriver to remove.

Hope this helps, and the super bright lights make vision easier.

thanks for the advise! i love the look of them over the "yellowish" stock lights and look forward to installing them. i got a set of 6 but come to find out i am def going to need more i think between the three ceiling lights and glove box i will need 8 total