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MoabB2 1989 Bronco II XLT 4x4 (For Sale)

So far I like them a lot, Id really like to get out to Moab again and see how they do there. I like your Krawlers better though:p:

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Damn man, that truck is sex on wheels. I've been thinking of building a Wrangler-killing-B2 and you've just inspired me even more. Very clean, very awesome.

Finally had the chance, and $, to get a few mods done to the engine! Not much, but a good start. I put her in the hands of the best local tuner in town, he does some great work. After finding 3 burnt up plug wires (no wonder it ran like crap...), he fabbed a custom Cold Air Intake, and dyno tuned the computer on a Mustang Dyno. Unfortunately I didn't get dyno numbers before the CAI....but I do have dyno numbers from after CAI/before custom tune, and final numbers after the tune!

Before: You can see my A/F was all over the place. Timing was way off too.

After custom SCT X3 dyno tune:

So, just from the tune I gained 40 ft/lbs and 30hp. Final numbers were 215 rwhp @ 4400 RPM and 273 ft/lb @ 3500 RPM. Not bad for an old BII. Now the 5.0 can really breath through those TM headers with the CAI, it feels like a totally different truck and just flat out screams. Acceleration is super smooth and shifts are much firmer. The X3 is right up there with the best mods I've done so far, I should have done this years ago!

I've been driving the heck out of the Bronco II this winter, it has been great getting familiar with it again. Daily driving wasn't really in the plans a year or two ago, but now that I got the Mustang, the BII is my winter transport.

With well over a foot of snow the day after Christmas, the BII was a beast on the road. Slapped in the hubs and 4x4high and away she went. Even had time to make a few runs around and do donuts in the un-plowed parking lot.


Also recently took her out to a little offroad site about an hour from here called Little Moab. It is mainly just a big pile of slickrock out in the west desert and is frequented by lots of rockcrawlers. Got to mess around a bit, put in the lockers and shoot the guns.

That must have been a night and day difference after getting the motor dialed in, must be a blast to drive now:thumbsup:

this bronco II is awesome! Very well done!
I have to send this on to a friend who is in the military and loved his old bII.. we were going to try and restore his old one but no go... maybe we can work on another one when he gets back!?

Anyways! GREAT JOB!

All I can say is WOW, I'm glad I took the time to look at this thread, I would have probably wheeled with you in Moab and never even taken a good close look to all the hard work that has gone into this thing.

Very nice build. Looking forward to seeing it in person next weekend.

Thanks guys. I should have a good update for this thread next week some time. Just got back from Moab, and headed back to Moab this weekend.

Time for an update. Here are a few things we've done this year. Many trips to Moab, even a family trip up to Yellowstone! Daily driver now, 35 miles a day to work and back, I love this truck.















This little sucker snuck up on me on Behind the Rocks.....

Truck wound up looking like this.....

Then we took off to Yellowstone, 1500 miles. Loaded her up with a weeks worth of gear, wife and 2 kids. 20 mpg.








Before this last trip to Moab in September, got a new flare with customer bed liner. (almost crunched the new one already....its got the rock rash to proove it) Also bedlined the rocker panels and inner kick panels. Looks really good, this is the best pic I have though. Should have snapped some pics tonight, got her all washed and waxed...finally got all that red dust off. Maybe tomorrow.

Man, you have a clean B2! I'm jealous!

Why is that? They are cheap and easy to replace. The last one ripped off just like I would have wanted, no damage to the body at all. They opened the wheel wells enough to clear my 35s with minimal lift, and make it street legal by covering the width of my tires.

They are weak, but I don't know of an alternative. Since they are hollow I'd like to run some tubing through the inside of them and have a sort of invisible exo cage tied to the frame. Maybe that can happen when I finally get a roll cage.

Ah yes tire coverage laws

My tires stick out like 3-4" past the body, its a PITA, mud and snow all over the side of the truck, windows, etc

Fiberglass my friend. I clear 35's no prob, Tires are fully covered out back. They stick out about 1/2" more per side on the fronts. Opens up more room for a tube structure under them if your worried about it.

I've been thinking of making steel pockets over the rear fenders. this way I can make some storage bins for my offroad gear.

Still looking great Josh! Coming from a guy who has crunched his fiberglass and is now the proud owner of a set of 35x13.5 Krawlers, I'm going back to the drawing board to make them fit.

Well, a couple of weeks ago the 4r70w toasted itself. :(

I back out of the garage just fine, then drop it into drive, and nothing! I was pretty bummed. So reverse is there, but no forward gears. I haven't opened it up yet, but I'm anticipating a full rebuild is necessary. This is quite a surprise because I only have about 85000 miles on it, and the thing runs cool...super cool. So, not sure what happened. I'm wondering if my SCT tune had anything to do with it since we firmed up the shifts.

So, anybody have experience with aftermarket parts for the 4r70w? Are there any parts I should upgrade once I get it opened up? Anybody have experience with the Baumman valve body kit?

James Duff front and Rear bumpers are up for sale, anybody want them?? They've been modded to fit 37" tires, front has been trimmed, and rear tire carrier fits a 37. Front also has a winch mount.

Hope to have an update here shortly with some new pics. Working on a full cage, some more body trimming, new flares and bumpers. :)

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Look forward to the updates. Always liked this BII, very clean.

Have these become collectors items lately? I was at a car show lately and there was a BII there for sale for $12,500:eek:. Don't remember what year it was but mostly stock, 4x4 with no lift, teardrop Explorer wheels on 31" street tires.
Seems like there was a time when you could hardly give them away.