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mountaineer 4.6sohc to aviator 4.6dohc


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December 13, 2007
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Harrisburg, pa
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2003 mountaineer premier
idk if this is in the right area but im looking into swapping my 4.6 sohc for a aviator dohc. i was wondering is the bottom end the same for both motors and just the heads are different? also to swap the dohc into the mountaineer would i need the ecu and wiring harness or will the stock ecu work? does anyone know if the 2004 mustang cobra motor is the same as the aviator engine

whew! Lots of questions. I can assist with your answers. Yes the stock processor can control the 32V Aviator engine. The bottom end of your engine and the aviator engine is the same but I highly recommend installing the entire engine into your truck. Ford calls these engines modular but they are anything but.... I can show you the same years which have different heads on them. As far as the 04 Cobra and Aviator 32V being the same, the 03-04 Cobra engines are iron blocked with a supercharger and forged bottom end. The Aviator is all aluminum with hyperutectic pistons,powdered metal rods. Depending on year the heads are similar.

If you decide to install the Aviator engine in your truck I would use the fuel rails off the 2v engine so you don't have fitment issues with the fuel system.-j