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Msupertek's Pics From Gilmer!!!

Loved it

Im glad I stayed home a few xtra days and went to Gilmer. I got my first body damage.:mad: :mad: :D Bashed both rocker panels under front doors, passenger side actually has 2in. gash where the metal is split. Thanks Clyde's Ravine and Jeepy Hollow! It was fun following Msupertek sat. afternoon watching that big rig work.:chug: It was good to see Michael, Randel, John, Rob, and Brian again. Glad I got to meet Darkman, Swak, and Msupertek bad ass truck man.:thumbsup: The best thing about the trip was Rob got to get his truck dirty again!!!!:D Well got to work on X and get packed for Aspen,I'll be there about 3 months with no computer, but thats OK I will be outside playing anyway!!:D :D :D :D :cool: :p Have fun at the Slabs,

no one tried Houston Creek? best rollover spot at Gilmer (the one big ledge at the end). :D