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April 25, 2018
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i have a 2003 explorer sport trac 5sp manuel that ive had for maybe a month when i hit black ice and maneged to bend my frame rails about a foot 11.45inches to be excact and 4 ribs, so i freaked out went down 2 pickand pull sawed off the inner fender to the door and the frame rails 4 foot or so back i cut out the bent rails after trying with frame tools to straighten them and now im melting down i was thinking of sleeving the frame rails and welding in the news ones as best and straight as i can but if thereis a metal bumper alternative that somebody knows about i would appreciate it or just someadvice of whereto go from here thi truck was my baby i own 2 sport tracs a sport and a 4 door regular body the first car i owned was my 2001 sporttrac and it has 255000 miles going strong i love these cars and frankly is what made me become a car guy ive never not fixed a car but this one might win





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Let that one go. I’d never consider this kind of repair on a 2003 Explorer. The chances of making it right again are slim if you aren’t an excellent fabricator.

Just @MONMIX so he’ll see this, and don’t start another thread. I can almost guarantee what he will say, however.......

Pick up a junk Sport Trac with a good frame. Swap out your body and parts. You are doing half the work now.

if you have no collision repair experience, which i have to think you dont, you are in way over your head. even now if you took it to a shop and asked them to repair this, most if not all shops will walk away. like said above, your best bet is to do a frame swap using another trac.

OP, I have to agree that a frame swap would be the only realistic option. It's a lot of work, but if you're dead set on saving your ST it's the only viable way to go.

BTW - If you decide to do a frame swap, there's a member here (@Sport100) who's rather desperate for some rear frame pieces to repair his ST.

I would never do that, get a whole frame from junkyard and swap it out. Time to get some really big jackstands and 4x4 posts.

Oh sweet baby Jesus.......

There is no correct ( read: safe) way to *repair* a full frame.
Your best bet as has been said is a full frame swap.
You will need a lift to do that by the way.

Even if this was a good idea those frame rails would need to be cut back farther, the frame is still mangled where you cut it off.I suggest a full frame swap, you wont get this near straight with no experience.

so i did the unthhinkable and just did a frame swap with not much more than a trans jack n engine jack and 3 4x6x12 posts swapped the body so anyway i have a whole 2003 5 spd manuel st toreador red that i m parting out or selling as whole truck ifyuguys know people needing parts i am there guy have whole truck plus extra parts drivetrain already dropped out of it let me know

Good job on doing right. A body swap is no easy feat.

Congrats! That was a big job. Glad you stuck with it and did it the right way. You should be proud of yourself.

Umm, WOW.

Good on you.