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Need opinions on trailer

Well the time has come. We've been negotiating, got the loan approved, but I'd feel a lot better if I got the opinions of some of the folks here who have done more towing with explorers than I have. here are the specs of the trailer.


Hitch Weight 298 lbs.
UVW 2731 lbs.
GVWR 3518 lbs.
CCC 770 lbs.
Exterior Length 21' 4"
Exterior Height 9' 8"
Exterior Width 88"
Fresh Water 33 gal.
Gray Water 25 gal.
Black Water 25 gal.
Awning Size 10 ft

Here is a link to the trailer manufacturer. We're getting a 2014 model but the specs haven't changed.
What do you all think? Will the 2000 Eddie Bauer 5.0 pull it? I've swapped from the AWD to a BW4406 TC. and I have booster shocks in the rear (the kind with Coil springs on them). The trailer does have electric brakes.
oh yea, pretty sure the explorer has the towing package. I know it has 3.73 gears in it.
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As long as you have a 2" hitch it will be just fine. Technically 3500 lbs is the most you would want to tow without trailer brakes but since it has them once you hook it all up it will tow like a dream.

Oh yea, I have a class III hitch (round tube 2" receiver). And the dealer is installing a brake controller. So we should be good to go. Pics up in a week.

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Oh yeah your good to go. You even have a little wiggle room on weight to be able to load the camper and the truck down and still travel safe. Depending on how weak your rear springs are you might want to add an add-a-leaf to take some load off the shocks. I would tow it home and see how she does and go from there.

I was thinking of add-a-leafs. (LoL leaves?) anyway as I want to get a little more altitude and give the torsion bars a few more twists. Either that or shackles, but they wouldn't help load capacity.

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I would definitely do the add a leaf before the shackles. The add a leaf(s) will add to the load rating of the springs and help with the added towing weight.

You'll be fine. I might even tow that with my wife's 5th gen. :D

I figured it would be ok. Just like having reassurances. :) thanks a bunch

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5L and 3.73 is plenty of driveline for that camper.
Does it have an auxiliary trans cooler? If not, definitely have 1 added.

My biggest concern here are that you are right on the edge of needing a WDH, and the single axle is not the most stable without some form of sway control. Ford wants a WDH when TW exceeds 500 lbs. You will be between 450 and 525, depending on how much and where you load stuff.

1. See how it handles when you bring it home.
2. Load it up for camping, and go somewhere local. If possible, have the loaded camper weighed, and get a TW reading.
3. If over 500 lbs, you really need a WDH. That much TW removes significant enough weight from the front wheels that stability is affected. Rear suspension updates will make things LOOK better (level, etc), but they do nothing to address that real problem. If you are over 500, get a WDH with integrated sway control, like the 600lbs rated Equal-I-zer, or Reese Dual-Cam, or Blue Ox.
4. If you are under 500 lbs TW, but the ride feels a bit squirrelly, you can get a simple bolt-on friction sway controller for less than $100.

Sounds like sound advice. We're planning a short weekend test trip to Springfield MO in March, we'll see how that goes. The truck does have the factory installed trans cooler. I was considering finding a cooler from a larger F-350 etc.

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I wouldn't bother upgrading the trans cooler if it's already there. Remember, what you have is already in addition to the fluid going thru the engine radiator.

Springfield looks to be about 2 hours from you. Not exactly local, and includes some interstate driving. Use extreme caution as you get up to speed. Do not exceed 65mph (tire rating). If it's windy out there in the plains, stay under 55mph. If you feel any sway, back off slowly until you feel comfortable.

Also, be sure you are not loading very much into the rear of the trailer. You need to be sure you have at least 10% on the ball. Without sway control, I'd want at least 12%.

We're buying the camper up by St. Louis so the trip home will be 4 hours of I-44 and an hour of 2 lane highway, so Springfield is actually local compared to that LoL. I've owned a couple of boats before, so I've towed those. And of course the odd U-Haul trailers cross country. This is the first camper however. Due to its profile (as compared to a boat) wind will be a bigger issue than I'm used to. Also concerned about being able to see around it with the factory side view mirrors.

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All right I have more info. I towed the new camper from St. Louis to Southeast KS. It towed fine at the slower speeds used on two lane black top. At the higher interstate speeds it was a challenge. (Higher being 60-65) The brake controller they installed is an inertia activated "proportional braking system". It seems to work well. But I'll definitely be installing a sway controller.

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Finally got around to posting pics.

Fuel stop on the way from picking it up. (Had a lot more of those on the way back than on the way there!)


and once I got home I moved the trailer plug from under the receiver hitch to in the bumper.


Nice combo. I've always liked that color scheme.
She's definitely squatting a bit. You might have headlights in the eyes of oncoming traffic. Definitely check the TW to see if over 500 lbs.

Hadn't thought of the headlight issue. I added some helper springs to the rear leafs to help with the squat. I figure they'll be a Band-Aid to help with the squatting till I can get a load equalizing hitch.
Also flipped my hitch so its a 2" rise not a drop. And don't know if it helps or not but had the hitch drilled so it mounts further in the receiver than it did.
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took the camper to a local site for the weekend to "get a feel" for it before heading out for a long trip (if anything is gonna go wrong I'd rather it happened here close to home not 200 miles from here). The weekend was fun, informational, and I had a chance to see how the improvements worked out. With the add-a-leafs the explorer is much more level when hooked to the trailer. I also flipped the 2" drop hitch so it is raising not lowering, and added a sway control bar. It now pulls much better.


Notice how the extra rear springs brought the rear end up. However, the front is still riding high. Did you get the TW measured?

Haven't checked it yet. Am out for the weekend right now. It tows better (so long as I remember to keep it out of 4wd on the hiway... Another story) I'll have to figure out where in our small town I can get that done.

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