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How to: New Forscan Update Allows Module Programming

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I'm looking to enable global close on my 2017 Explorer Platinum, already having global open factory-enabled. It doesn't make any sense to me to have global open without also having global close. I tried the below - having referenced this, the above posts, and the linked spreadsheet - and please need some additional review:
  • BCM 726-17-01 : Was factory set to 0000 0000 0045 . I assume this is the global close? Changed this to 0101 0101 014A .
  • BCM 726-17-02 : Already was set to 0101 0101 014B . I assume this is the global open.
  • BCM 726-30-01 : Was factory set to 0003 0000 0061 . Using x*x*, guessing the first * is global close, and the second is global open? Changed this to 0303 0000 0064.
  • DDM 740-05-01 : Was factory set to 9A00 E7 . The spreadsheet says to have "1=Disabled, D=Enabled" for *xxxx - so my current setting don't match either here.
  • PDM 741-05-01 : Was factory set to 9A00 E8 . Same as above.
As-is, I've already changed the 3 BCM parameters, but have not yet touched the DDM or PDM ones - and do not yet have global close working, nor have I observed any other change in functionality.

Do I need the DDM and PDM settings? ("Driver Door Module" and "Passenger Door Module", so I suppose so.) If so, are there specific bits (binary) that I need to append or remove from the 1st nibble here? 0x9 = 0b1001, and 0xD = 0b1101. So I'm thinking 0xD will effectively just OR (add) the 0b0100 here (to the 0x9 I already have), and probably for the same rationale as the above - where the first bit is maybe for "global open" (already enabled), and the second bit is maybe for the "global close" that I'm looking to enable?

Both front windows (driver and passenger) are auto-open/auto-close ("one touch"), so they should have the proper hardware for this - correct?

Edit: Attempted the DDM and PDM settings as well (as noted above), and now my global close is working as well. Realized it is a bit tedious to test, though - even just with the global open. There seems to be a delay during which the global open/close doesn't work since using it last.

Hi Ziesemer,

I was wondering if you got this to work? I was looking to do the same thing with my 2017 Limited. But I couldn't find any reference to it working and just thought I'd ask before I start the procedure.

If you have the time, you might be able to help me on another upgrade that I would like to try - the DSP module. I'm looking to move up to the platinum sound (if possible). Do you have the part numbers for your DSP, APIM, and ACM? I thought I would start there and see which have different base numbers.

Anyway, I would appreciate any information... especially if you were successful with the Global Open/Close.


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Anyone have a 2019 that they have added any cool features to?

Looking for the fogs/blinker in sync

Hmm. Not sure I have seen that done. I would like that too. I have mine set up like I said above.
I doubt that would be very helpful in conditions where fog lights are required.


How can i set to fogs always on with low beams
As far as I know, you turn them to the ON position. Personally, I don't see a need for it unless you're driving in fog or similar conditions all the time.


I just turn mine on and leave them on all the time. And my lights set to auto.

How did just running the sig leds as DRL turn out? would love to do this, would you mind posting what exact settings you changed?

Don't the U.S. models have the option to either turn ON or OFF the DRL via the settings?


Hello all. I'm new here. Kinda have no idea where to even start....
I've done some searching but haven't found exactly what I need to help.
I have a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport and I'm trying to disable a few things.
I want the DRLs off! I want them automatically off when I'm driving (unless I decide to turn them on, I would like them to come on with my parking lights only), I want them off when the vehicle is running but parked with no other lights on, I want them off when I use the remote start (as well as ALL LIGHTS when I use the remote start)!
I don't want any interior or exterior lights to come on when the door is opened or when the lock/unlock is used remotely or when the car is remotely started (I'm never going to "lose" my car!)
I don't want the lights on the bottom of the folding side mirrors to come on.
I don't want the horn to beep if I hop out with the key fab in my pocket or when I lock it.
I would also like to be able to view the front and rear cameras whenever I want, not just at slow speed for the front and in reverse to see the rear... I'll add a 3 position toggle switch if needed for quick n easy access to the cameras.
I've never used anything like FORScan before. I'm old school. I got the adapter plug, downloaded the newest 2.3.29 beta version and I believe I got the extended 2 month license. I'm not really sure what to do or expect next....
Can anybody walk me thru these steps?
Thanks for any help in advanced!

Welcome to the Forum.:wave:
Did you just buy this Explorer? Do you have the Owner's Manual?
The DRL option is either Non-Configurable or Configurable (page 81). With the latter, you can select the settings in the Information Display. If the former, you will have to use FORScan to disable them or have the dealer use IDS.
To keep the lights OFF you need the feature 'Dark Car'. I believe you can enable that with FORScan.
The double honk can also be disbled with FORScan.
As far as the cameras go, I don't know if what you want is possible or not.
I suggest that you check out the following thread that covers many options for using FORScan. New Forscan Update Allows Module Programming
You can search within the thread for different items using the "Search" box at the top right of the page. Just click on the box, type in something like dark car or double honk and then select "Search this thread only" and it will bring up all posts within the thread with those words in it. Good luck.


Got it right before Thanksgiving (I did do an intro post..) with 33k miles on it. Its got about 36k now.
When I go into the settings on the dash, I have a box that I can check or uncheck for the DRLs but no matter which is selected, the DRLs are ALWAYS on and NEVER off, unless the car is off. I guess that would be the Type 1 Conventual Non-Configurable. I have the Sport model so I don't see why my option isn't working...
What do I need to do to find this "dark" mode?
If I plug in my laptop into the OBD2 is it going to pop right up or do I have to open up FORScan and search?
I have this adapter
What does HS-CAN / MS-CAN mean?

I'm not a FORScan user but found this; hs-can - Google Search
I'm going to merge your thread with the one I linked. Lots of info in it.


53 pages might take me awhile to sift thru...
When I tried to play any of the configurations in the little computer chip section, it wouldn't let me. It says "Sorry, you need an extended license to run this function". The problem is that I already downloaded the extended license with my Hardware ID but my computer wont run the app to open it and I cant find the Activation Code to activate... any thoughts?

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Correction: I "generated" an Extended License with my Hardware ID. It's registered with an expiration date of 4/28/2020. Status says "Active". Under Action, it says DOWNLOAD. When I click it, it says "This app can run on your PC"....