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No check engine light w/key on - no start


November 17, 2018
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1993, Explorer XLT
93 Explorer: As the title says, I have no check engine light when I turn the key on and have a no start condition. So to start, I put a new fuel pump in and everything went smoothly and I even started it before assembling everything. I was having some electrical issues from before so I figured I would clean the grounds inside the engine bay, I cleaned them and reassembled everything, go to start the vehicle and it cranks but no start. It’ll start with starter fluid so I’m assuming it’s not getting fuel somehow. I checked the relay to the EEC and it’s fine, the fuel pump relay is functioning as well so now I’m completely lost on what the hell is going on. It’s been my luck with this thing it seems. Any insight on this? Maybe I’m looking over something simple?

Crankshaft position sensor is where I'd look first. The connector is usually the culprit, unplug and reseat it a few times, if there is any dirt buildup, clean it up. If that doesn't do the trick then you will need a multimeter. If reseating the connector does the trick, replace it, they are sold new.