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OEM Plus Interior Ideas

The Mountaineer has the same features as the Explorer, other than the name in places.

The Explorer has the door opening plastic trim, with Explorer on them, the Mountaineer has Mercury on them. That's about the only oddity I know of.

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I put a fold and tumble back seat from a samurai in my bronco ii
Still holds kids and gives me tons of room when folded up, takes 5 minutes to remove completely if needed

I used a 2X4 of plastic decking origin to make the slides. It is tough stuff and plastic allows for less friction on the slides. I split it in half and cut the 7/8" "U" to make slide channels. The slides are bolted down where the old cargo tie downs mounted. The slide out is .70" thick and the full length of the cargo area for strength. I sealed the slide-out then wrapped the slide-out top with vinyl and installed pulls. We used to sleep in the bed and it was easy enough to pull-out the slide with only bedding on top of it. Now we have a very small camper with bed. I have installed a new top over the slide to support cargo. It is fastened down to the slides. It will get removed with better weather to get sealer, then glue and carpet on top. I don't want to work inside my garage for fumes and it's too cold out. The slide will support the wife and I as a seat, but you can see the camp chairs loaded to use it as a table.

Original Set-up:


I am going to fasten a couple of tie downs to the top so I can secure gear better.

Using 04-06 ranger steering wheel in gen ii is a nice upgrade for sure
I wouldn't use the factory 04-11 air bag wheels, they look cool but they've killed people unfortunately. I have a nice 06 steering wheel in my stash but won't use it for this reason.



good to know! If the recall was done then the wheel should be 100% safe