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Quick Glamour Shot, lowered with new grill


April 16, 2016
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Vallejo (SF Bay Area)
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2012 Explorer Limited
went out last night just to get myself back behind the camera since I haven't shot much lately. Only took one pic.

Whats done with the truck so far:
lowered on H&R springs (for flex)
Aries black oval nerf bars
OEM splash guards
1" Bora (motorsport-tech) wheel adapters in the rear
"explorer" hood letters
new black grill/emblem.

Mods to come:
-Headlights will soon be removed so that I can paint the chrome portions black and tint the amber.
-paint roof racks matte black, buy/install cross bars
-get mirrors and center of roof wrapped gloss black to flow with windshield
-Would love to remove the front plate/bracket, but I'm trying to keep it completely legal.. front plate will get a smoked cover to at least help in blend a little better (CA plates are white)

DSC_6088-2--- by james larieau, on Flickr

I had originally purchased and installed 1" adapters for the front and 1.5" for the rear. I expected some rubbing and expected to have to do some work with the fender liners, but I got lazy and said ef it, and removed the rear adapters and installed the 1" pair in the rear. Hear is a pic of how it looked with the 1"/1.5"

Untitled by james larieau, on Flickr

Untitled by james larieau, on Flickr

I just got the grill installed about a week ago... that was an absolute b!tch of a job, Ford went a tad overboard with all of the clips/nuts holding the grill onto the car, and even more so with the clips that attach the grill to the black plastic piece that the grill attaches to. took me forever to get the job done. For the reinstall I only used the 2 center bolts/nuts, and had broken off half of the outter clips, so it'll at least be easier next time it comes off. Since I wanted to keep my original grill, I purchased a used grill on ebay for cheap, and had it painted matte black, with the chrome strips done in gloss black to match the new gloss black ford emblem. love the way it came out.

Untitled by james larieau, on Flickr

Untitled by james larieau, on Flickr

Untitled by james larieau, on Flickr

Untitled by james larieau, on Flickr

Nice work. Love the first photo. This one done by ARS1, except for the badge, is still my favourite.



Thanks. I did consider leaving the chrome strips, but I think with the headlights blacked out this will flow better. It's the subtle contrast that I really like as well.