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Scratch and Scuff

I have a few minor Scratches and Scuff's on my explorer from when I bought it... Does anyone know anything good to buff it out or get rid of the nastly look it gives off? In the deep scratches I can put touch up paint which does a fine job after a couple wash and wax deals. But if anyone has any other ideas for surface scratches and scuffs, let me know for sure.. My paint doesnt look to good right now with the sun shining directly on it... Let me know, thanks.

i had some scratches from wheeling and i used rubbing compound, it took away the long noticable scratches, but kleft liffe scratchs, a few washes and waxs it should be gone

now that is one informative site, thanks..

Take it in the bush untill you hit a tree.No one will notice the couple of scratches with your fender ripped off.